Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 21

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Teresa Meng plays a bodyguard to a CEO. Raised up in a military family, she is all about responsibility, loyalty and honor. But, the upbring taught her nothing about how to attract a man. She despairs at that prospect of never having a boyfriend.

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  • Guest

    issit possible to change back to youtube format ??

  • Cherry Luk

    can’t wait til tomorrow’s ep!!

  • Sushitha

    Du Cai Jie is so…… whatever….. you know what i mean….

  • feipo

    getting more interesting now…

  • KGuest

    那個部長真的很像馬國賢 !!! = =

    • feipo

      yes, agreed. at first I thought is 馬國賢..

  • 這畫質真的很差

  • 這跑好慢哦!! 可以改回youtube嗎??

  • Rockit<3

    it was so cute when zhongqi let ai jia lean on him when he was giving her water. good episode! <3

  • Jtlt

    Apologies in advance for the long comment…just my thoughts, as writing about dramas are pretty much a secret indulgence of mine.

    The plot thickened a little in this episode.

    And I’m absolutely delighted. This was 45 minutes of non-wasted drama time, with every single scene being a necessary one. We had everything from family drama, cute OTP banter, melodrama elements,  sweet fatherly yearnings, and even a little tirade from Qin Ba on professionalism. I agree with Qin Ba, Zhongqi actually shouldn’t have interfered and should not be allowed to do whatever he wants. On these grounds, I think Qin Ba’s anger is justified and it will be nice to see how the two resolve their issues.
    I like how the combination of all the characters made for such an easy and interesting watch today. 
    We had lots of comic moments which were not cringe-worthy and made me laugh out loud!

    I just love it that Zhongqi’s band-mates created a cardboard cut-out of Zhongqi… that was so random and weird, yet funny!But definitely, I laughed when Ai Jia overreacted to Zhongqi’s lie about him having to change her, and his comment that “it was nothing good to look at anyway”. Ai Jia is so naive sometimes, and her reaction was so feminine, as she just kept screaming and hugging her chest. One could have thought that she as a bodyguard would instinctively reach out and slap or pin Zhongqi to the ground, it really shows that Ai Jia is vulnerable and still has quite a “little girl” mentality when it comes to relationship issues. I thought it was actually quite nice that Zhongqi washed her underwear though. I don’t know many men who would do that for their women… unless they have a kinky thing about washing underwear 😛 And it was so funny when Ai Jia and Zhongqi played like kids and recoiled at the fact that Zhongqi was eating her saliva…. (by eating from the same bowl of instant noodles). I liked at the end when he acknowledged to himself that without Ai Jia, he would be bored stiff in the car repair shop. The scene that made me tear was the one whereby Ai Jia stumbled upon the family’s answering machine messages, and how Zhongqi expressed that he often came back to the house to listen to them. And it was a very nice touch that we finally got to see the other items on Zhongqi’s wish list, which included taking over his father’s car repair factory, confessing his feelings to sixth grader Zhang Jiazhen, and doing the same things as his father. Looks like we’re in for a ride where Ai Jia looks for Zhang Jiazhen! Let the character be quirky, charming, but super feminine to contrast Ai Jia (:Another impending introduction is of Alan’s mum. We found out that Alan’s mum “Mei Hua” left her motorbike in the He garage. The introduction of this character will be a cause for more drama between Qin Ma and Qin Ba. And if the production crew casts well, this character will stop the drama in its tracks by explaining her relationship with Qin Ba. I suspect that Zhongqi and Alan are half-brothers, but can this be? Was trying to think of the possible ways they may be related… it could be that Mei Hua was Zhongqi’s mum. But it also could be that Alan was He Ba’s son. (The latter more unlikely cos of Qin Ba and Alan.) I’m secretly hoping that it is not the former because it might make me puke if there is a reconciliation between Zhongqi and the mum which is out of place in the whole story. Actually, I just want to hear the story between Alan’s mum and Qin Ba.In the preview it shows that Qin Ba has accepted Zhongqi’s resignation – good one, show! I would love to see Zhongqi start out a life anew and live outside of his cushy life, emancipated. But how the show will continue to make the other plotlines compelling while this happens (since they do depend quite heavily on Zhongqi/Aijia) is another thing, cos we can go round and round the mulberry bush about this “pressurized Zhongqi” theme for ages without coming to a satisfactory conclusion.I’m curious to see how the Zhongqi-Ai Jia relationship pans out, now that it was revealed in the preview that she would have to leave Zhongqi’s car repair shop. When he cared for her it looks like she’s still on a “sister” footing with her, and nothing more. But she’s starting to feel some real sentiment for him, possibly because she pities him.  This episode was a winner, once again. I haven’t been treated to such a great daily drama in ages. 

    • scrumpisme

      wanna say i look forward to yr daily recaps as much as i wait for new episode to come out everyday. 🙂 and hi-five for tearing at that same bittersweet phone message scene. funny thought just came to me. maybe you should try writing yr recaps in chinese(if you can) and maybe the show writers might take it into consideration coz i believe they are still writing the script and they do surf around looking at audiences’ reactions. though i dont think they know of sugoi. 🙂 sorry just being random!

      • Jtlt

        Thank you 🙂 Yes I will ATTEMPT to write my recap in chinese – (not exactly proficient). I have a blog where I do screencaps too but I can’t link it here, just search heartstellyvision. Thanks for the kind words

    • jy

      its ok i take drama as seriously as u. i did reflect on every drama i watched, only tat i didn’t put it here. i thot it thru as a break frm my studying. tats why i am in my sch’s chinese drama club also hahas! 

  • Guest

    Like how the story is tying Zhongqi and YaLun together now

    • scrumpisme

      but that also means more of annoying girlfriend! and OMG they fought AGAIN today. sigh. i like ya lun, but seriously, girlfriend of his is slowly getting on my nerves. 🙁

  • Guest

    I hate how the previews are always so short!! Good thing q new episode comes out every weekday.

  • Johnson

    畫質好差Q_Q 謝謝上傳:)

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  • guest

    I cry…

  • Tan

    Wow this ep is good! I almost didn’t have to skip any parts. And next ep preview looks so exciting!!

  • CWs

    愛家不是沒有回家嗎? 為什麼白版會自己變了倒數6天

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  • wahaha

    ai jia so cute !!!

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  • Jess_jess

    finally! thank you!

  • Disney7911

    thanks!!!!!!!!! love u !

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