Sweet Sweet Bodyguard Episode 20

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Teresa Meng plays a bodyguard to a CEO. Raised up in a military family, she is all about responsibility, loyalty and honor. But, the upbring taught her nothing about how to attract a man. She despairs at that prospect of never having a boyfriend.

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  • sdf


  • Liiloo_lii

    Could someone help please with the dialogue sort of Ai Jias father had from 30:25  till he left. What happened there ?

  • jt

    xiaogui and li li ren tgt, the scene is dam perfect. 

  • I already love Xiao Gui enough… but this episode made me love him even more <333 He's so cute and handsome and the way he smiles make me smile every time 😀

  • Justsaying

    Where’s 21 ?

  • feipo

    are they all using Samsung Phone?

    • Guest

      no HTC

      • guessy

        because htc made in taiwan. represent taiwan,

        • sdf

          I think it’s because HTC is the main sponsor for this show haha. 

  • feipo

    Thanks for the upload.. Enjoy this drama very much. So far, the storyline is very interesting and would say all the actors play their roll well. 
    80 epidoses.. that is a bit long. Hope the story turn out well.
    I really got disappointed with the previous “Ti Amo Chocalate”.. the story just turn bad towards the end.
    Hope this one is not another disappointment. 

  • Rockit<3

    Just saying to people who don’t the Chinese word on that handkerchief, the word means wisdom.

  • Liiloo_lii

    So sweet 🙂
    Thank you !!

  • Joanne

    episode 21!! faster!!

  • Jo

    好爱小鬼的笑容!有一种魔力。。看见他笑,就会不自觉的对着荧幕微笑<3 如果有一个男友像小鬼的笑容这么吸引人,我不介意给他捏我脸颊!

  • Aiu



  • Jtlt

    He Ba’s hallucinations revealed that he really loves Zhongqi: he began to imagine Alan sitting in the same board room as Zhongqi. When he rifled through Zhongqi’s room, he found a sleeping bag and packages of unopened cup noodles. He started seeing Zhongqi asleep on the couch in his office, and seeing him eating cup noodles as a meal when he didn’t have enough time to eat a proper one. Zhongqi obviously has a deep-seated place in his heart, though He Ba can sometimes be all about the business. Hence the stoic front that He Ba has been dealing with Zhongqi with. Grandma He is right, both father and son, one dense like a block of wood, the other like a robot, they need some lessons in how to let go…
    There was another scene between Alan and He Ma today… this one was a little contrived. I can’t remember much except that she was just using her consultation session as an excuse to pour out her woes about her husband.
    I can’t say that I wanted more from the interactions between Ai Jia and Zhongqi today. These two are so cute and natural together, I think fans of the show all over the world were squealing in delight when he spent more than HALF a minute pinching and playing with Ai Jia’s cheeks. Finally Zhongqi had a chance to care for Ai Jia physically, cos she has always been the one protecting him and looking out for him as the fitter vessel. And finally he was a little more playful towards her in a setting he looks comfortable in. The cute twist was when he got Cai Jie to drive over to change Ai Jia’s clothes. Yes! I knew it was too fast if he had taken off her clothes… One thing I noticed, no “leftover girl” this episode! He stuck to calling her name, and was super gentle towards her.This role reversal was something I liked. He Zhongqi is changing a little, he’s becoming a little rough around the edges, and he fished out this camou-printed handkerchief with the chinese figure “zhi” on it. I wonder if it has a significance? His old family name maybe? Anyone knows?Anyway Alan and Zhongqi finally met, and it’s a little strange to have them in the same scene. But is this a start of a beautiful bromance? Alan seems to be softening towards Zhongqi, perhaps out of pity? In the next ep Zhongqi supposedly finds Alan’s mums motorbike in his parents garage. What have you?We’ve come to the 20th mark today, 1/4 of the show is complete. 60 more eps to go! More than two more months of sheer joy for me in this marathon of being able to write about this show. That is, until it stops being awesome.

    • Jo

      The scarf was ai jia’s. Rmb in first few episodes where there was this scene of a little boy who fell and a little girl who took off the scarf and helped to bandage the boy’s wound..Actually they met each other way back when they were young..:) 

      • Leesiqi0409

        There was that scene?I dont rmb..Can u tell me which ep is it?(:

        • Jtlt

          1st ep!

    • osbphoto

      by the way, it’s Qin Ba and Qin Ma, Zhongqi never adopted their family name.
      The Zhi is one of Ai Jia’s badges, De Zhi Ti QUn Mei, she gave it to him as a child

      • Jtlt

        Thank you very much for the correction! 

    • Max

      As someone who only has limited understanding of Mandarin, I really appreciate the way you dissect and put the drama into perspective. Thanks and keep this rolling in.

    • LoveTaiwanDramas

      the handkerchief is the one when young ai jia give it to small zhongqi when he fell. i think this can be found in the first episode. so i think this will be something to bond ai jia and zhongqi together cos they actually met once when they were young

  • Hfconan4869


  • xxxxxxxxxx

    有人記得小豬之前在娛百模仿小鬼笑嗎 (下巴很有戲xd)
    真的耶 怎麽小鬼最近都這樣笑xd

  • Ak90wenting

    Xiaogui:D so cute

  • guest

    someone please please please tell me the song at 24:07 onwards!!! i’m dying to know:/

    • Kuan9968


      • Jtlt

        Thank you! Do you know the insert song that was playing during Zhongqi’s scene at the beach?

  • =o=


  • Rockit<3

    It was so sweet when xiao gui said to ai jia that his laugh that time was his first real laugh during the past few days. I hope that we get to see more of this side of xiao gui and not his temper. <3

  • Hltvov

     原來小鬼當過救生員 還以為他真的不懂游泳XD

  • CC

    omg xiaogui’s smile @ 36:39! AWW <3 it killed me! 🙂

  • Rockit<3

    Ai Jia is sooo CHUBBY! :3

  • Tan

    小鬼這集好溫柔!I like it when he plays with her face haha

  • Tan

    小鬼這集好溫柔!I like it when he plays with her face haha

  • Valcjy


  • jes

    OMG the squishing cheeks pt was soo cute, the interaction was cute as well as both ai jia’s face and xiao gui’s smilee haahaa

  • Sada

    love xiao gui so much <3 !!! so cute !

  • Jyovung

    Yayyy finally!thanks much!

  • Charlotte


  • Youtubie98


  • 小鬼YOYOYO

    yo man

  • jes

    yaaayy ty 🙂