Summer Fever Episode 18

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Lin Ming Kuan lost faith in love after his crush, Li Jing, left Kinmen and never to be heard from again. Yet love arrived back in his life ten years later when Li Jing returned to the island, and with her was pianist Chen Wen Qing. Jing wanted for them to be back together, but he grew close to Qing instead. His friend Sha Chong, on the hand, tried for Jing’s affection. In the mean time, Ya Zi was love sick over Sha Chong. And Xu Lei loved Qing’s frankness. All their internal turmoils was eventually brought to light by an car accident.

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  • Karen Lin

    the director is actually really bad at the twin thing…..there are so many things that the director didn’t think of. for example their clothing style and hairstyle are so easy to tell which is tian qing and which is xiao qing. so its not believable that no one in the drama especially ah kuan can’t tell that tian qing is not xiao qing….

    • ay

      this doesn’t make sense. People can change their hairstyle and type of cloth they wear anytime. The director just want people to recognise who is who……

      • Karen Lin

        yea i know, but it creates a fake feeling for the drama. cuz ur supposed to not know who’s who

  • ~twin~

    When guigui sis was helping her cover the redspot the back up person the skin so white so different from guigui if you understand what I mean

  • A Kuan & guigui 的动作都好自然哦 ! 尤其是他们对望微笑的时候 !!超甜蜜的

  • t2wins

    let me guess one dies other take over hahaha

  • Siu_pinkkk

    Valentines day is in summer???

    • Amychang0302

      Yeah, I think in Taiwan there’s one on July 7th… It originated from one of the Chinese stories..

  • Fann

    Oh no…. I hate to see the next few ep with Xiao Qing’s twin sister. There’s going to be lots of misunderstanding and heartache. Both Ah Quan and Xiao Qing look so happy and in love. I hope they don’t cut Xiao Qing off because of her illness

  • Kiss-ArRoN

    just waiting for the ending to come out n im gud…

  • SxblueSJ

    although both are gui gui but i think XQ is better. TQ’s like kinda jealous to me. i mean the next episode.

  • nlr123

    I feel so bad for yazi…she’s such a cute person

  • pearl

    the twin’s interaction is kinda awkward… like both of them are looking at the wrong place and not caring for each other’s words… i guess it’s just hard to act and film the double =.=”’ jiao you guigui!

    • Kmk

       I think it’s not really her fault…shes just listening to what the director tells her to do. 😛 But i think it’s mostly because of the editing..

  • Guest


  • yuko81

    so much kiss scene~ but very natural 😉


    I realised tht Actually it’s very easy to differential XQ and TQ. They both only wear one earring on the ear. XQ wears it on the left and TQ wore it on the right ear ~ if they don’t change the sides then I think we will be able to know who ah kuan goes out with ! ^^

    • pearl

      lol yea. and one wears pigtails and the other wears princes hairstyle/spreads her hair out a lot XD i bet that earring thing will come into play later