Summer Fever (戀夏38℃) Episode 01

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Lin Ming Kuan lost faith in love after his crush, Li Jing, left Kinmen and never to be heard from again. Yet love arrived back in his life ten years later when Li Jing returned to the island, and with her was pianist Chen Wen Qing. Jing wanted for them to be back together, but he grew close to Qing instead. His friend Sha Chong, on the hand, tried for Jing’s affection. In the mean time, Ya Zi was love sick over Sha Chong. And Xu Lei loved Qing’s frankness. All their internal turmoils was eventually brought to light by an car accident.

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  • Karen Lin

    Rewatching this a day after i finished the last episode. watching the beginning when ah kuan was yelling is so sad, i really wanna cry! this is my favourite drama but the ending is so horrible, badly scripted and directed! an amazing story and drama ruined because of the stupid ending

  • Connie

    Cant take this seriously/focus… i love the george/annie pairing too much 🙁

    • Xiao Mei

      I love george & annie pairing too but after I watching this first ep it is hard 2 choose which is the best

  • karin

    english sub please :”)

  • Kelly

    T_T I don’t see any english subtitles.


    Hey the video cannot be viewed as it is not available due to copyright issues. Please hurry up and review this as I want to watch it as soon as possible. But anyways. thanks for uploading so diligently, but please do rectify this immediately! Thanks!!

  • samOyue98

    the video is no longer available due to copyright???? how can we watch this!!! no!! i love them both but i cant watch this!!!!!

  • Marjorie Viernes

    I want to watch it but I need english subtitles to understand it. Please. I love Gui Gui. She’s my favorite actress. 🙂

  • Ratna Komala

    I Like It…
    I love gui gui

  • rainy-smiley

    why there is no eng sub??

  • ssss

    y do i hv the feeling that gui gonna die in the end or they might not get together in the end?

    • del;

      I think so too aye? It seems a little like half a fairy tale…

      • yeah!!! it seems like half a fairytale. the ‘healthy’ twin pretends to be the ‘sick’ twin. there are way too many dramas with twins in them!! 

  • Jolie

    =_= summer is over. 

  • Shanice Lim

    Wow GuiGui grown so much 🙂 she is so much prettier now <3 how i wish the main lead is Aaron Yan 

  • Wretches

    I miss 茂伯 T_T

  • Guest

    George Hu and Annie Chen are so much better…

    • Guest

      no…. just no.. 
      guigui is so much better than annie chen.

      • <3

        Nah, annie and george so so much sweeter.

        • jazzminnie

          Nope…geogui 4ever!!^^

  • Sweetness

    Why is the two links different ?

  • lol

    why ep1 and 2 the same

    • ghost

      no wonder i felt like it started so abruptly…..

  • piaopiao

    GuiGui and George is such a sweet match!! Awesome<3

  • Xoxopps

    that girl is seriously a moron! 

    • ying

      Which ???

  • Guest

    Why can’t watch?

  • woohooILOVEIT


  • Joe890302


    • ying

      是的。只是把它拍成偶像剧而已。不过剧情好像有那么一点的变化啦 🙂

  • Shaofen123

    :DD OMG gui gui had grown soo much!! :DD i am soo happy for her but i am still sad when she left hei girl!! D’: i have always wanted her to be with Aaron!! i wish tht dude was Aaron (yan Ya lunfrom fahrenheit) instead ‘-‘ well..

  • Oktarinainta

    pleasee add eng sub.. gui gui fighTing…

  • Oktarinaintan

    please, eng-sub !!

  • Vinapina93

    hy guys..
    where can i. download summer fever ost ??

  • Dannie


  • Hihi


  • Adat_ok

    李靜那種怪腔怪調說是跟他們兩人在金門的青梅竹馬, 真的太說不過去了吧! 希望以後台灣的任何劇都不要有這麼沒道理的選角安排了! 拜託拜託!!!!!!

  • JustTW

    好討厭喔, 又有中國人出線在台灣劇裡面了啦! 是說中國人比較便宜好請是不是阿???????

    • Poki0302

      不是 通常是這部戲有大陸人投資然後他們會要求要用大陸的演員

      • Madeintw

        這真的很討厭非常的討厭!!! 中國演員的出現完全的不合理說…

    • chinese

      WOW you are such a bitch 

    • Jessica Huang

      你知道为什么吗?这部电视剧肯定有大陆的投资,台湾的电视剧在大陆算个屁, 除了有些出名的比较好,然而你看到这部电视剧不怎么样对吧,是不是看起来很便宜? 你所看到你口中说的在这台湾偶像剧里的“中国人”都是些在北电,中戏和上戏一抓一大把的演员学生!!不就一个烂偶像剧,拽什么拽!你看不看大陆的电视剧,电影?!比这些他妈的乱七八糟鬼扯的强多了!台湾也是中国~ ok?什么叫讨厌中国人,台湾你背后不是有个山靠着,还能干啥?算个屁! 真以为美国在帮什么所谓的“台湾”国家?

    • Jessica Huang

      并且像这种演员,大部分都是在大陆混不下去了,就来台湾混混。。。要不然 你觉得为什么这么多台湾的挤破了头的想去大陆发展呢??

  • drama queen

    download links ?

  • Angiegoh

    I love the song!

  • Guest

    Looks good so far! Can’t wait to see the development between George Hu & Guigui in the show.

  • thessanana

    This is one of the few drama, that people don’t go criticising the main actress. Gui Gui Fighting !!!

  • Yuenyi2856


  • yk65


  • Joanne

    鬼鬼 at this show got two ppl… one it big sister and one small sister… 😉

  • Lauzhiching


    • Angiegoh


    • Karen Lin


  • Rainydays548


    • Twonlyone


  • <3

    LOVE IT~!!! <3

  • Mei

    George Hu <3 soooo cute =]

  • Babyangel1318

    i waited so long for this drama cannot wait to see the rest 
    I love guigui!!!

  • Snowtsukie


  • arisugoo184

    AND THE WAIT IS OVER!!! seeing the end of the video i see all these guihu moments, hope to see them soon!! 

  • guiwang4ever

    yeah!! its finally out

  • Stellalin2005

    why can’t see

  • Rachel Castillo14

    please add eng sub

  • Guest

    omg I love guigui~~

  • Guest

    so wu jing jie have a twin sister

    • Nikki

      in the drama yes…but not in real life, she acted as both of them…

  • such a good drama! can’t wait for the 2nd episode! Gui gui and George Hu make such a cute couple !

  • Hallie

    the 2nd female lead looks like a man….

  • Whenpigsfly937

    Guigui is so cute!

  • Thanks so much btw! 😀

  • Whenpigsfly937

    George Hu fever? LOL two of his new shows came out

    • xiaopiaopiao

      His smile melts anyway.. and it’s summer.. HAHAHA! SUMMER PRINCE perhaps? LOLLL

  • Its finally out! waited so long! Gui Gui my love <3