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黎曉陽人生最閃耀的一刻 ,就是她大學畢業那年,幸運地考上航空公司的空服員,從此開始了忙碌又平凡的空姐生涯。但是當孟克槐這個男人意外闖入她的世界裡,曉陽就像坐上失控的雲霄飛車一般,朝向不可知的未來衝去。

孟克槐是誰? 出身世家,從小被師長視為天才資優生,第一本創作小說就賣了一百萬本,他的才華,還有迷人又帶點稚氣的笑容,讓他在短短時間就擁有超高的人氣。這樣的男人怎會和平凡有如路人甲的黎曉陽牽扯在一起?故事要從某次台北往高雄的飛機上說起…

這一天,曉陽登上飛往高雄的班機服務。孟克槐剛好也是乘客 ,他刻意低調裝扮,打算偷偷飛去與秘密情人袁嘉琳見面。沒想到一到高雄,曉陽和克槐陰錯陽差地一起被瘋狂書迷綁架。兩人被迫共處一夜,要把克槐拖稿已久小說最終回寫出來,幸好在曉陽的靈感激發下,克槐順利把結局完成,兩人也因此化險為夷。

高雄的奇遇,讓曉陽和克槐成了不打不相識的朋友 ,尤其當曉陽發現男友竟背著她劈腿好不傷心時,也多虧了克槐在旁及時化解她的窘況。


另外,從來不冒險,一直謹守人生軌道的黎曉陽,這次面對愛神向她丟來的球,有勇氣接住嗎? 憑藉著半熟女的無賴精神,黎曉陽決定不顧一切的拼了!

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Tipster Rednimer
  • :3

    It’s sad when ke huai introduced xiao yang her as his colleagues.

  • mm


  • arisugoo184

    omg, darren at the end was so cute. how he was pretending to be excited over the hello kitty watches hahahahaha

  • Elite5chris

    Wow. she is so annoying. i would just not talk to her anymore -.- not like 克懷 so patient.
    小梅 is cuter. she should be the main.

  • onedirection<3

    Y cant i click on ep 13??????

  • Bhbh

    Although I do not like yuan jia ling, I get to pity her. She willing to give up love for her mother.
    Meng kaui huai seem getting more and more handsome.

  • Moonielum

    video does not load.

  • Sandy_chen_77

    Oh hey! It’s the wedding place for Office Girls!

  • DL

    Yuan Jialin is very annoying.  Her personality doesn’t suit Meng Kehuai. 

  • Bernice Lau Su Xian

    very interesting 😀 Nice nice Nice hahaha 

  • Exactlyjoy

    really love this series … love the rhythm of plot and actors … just perfect for me ..

    though yuan jia lin is sometimes annoying , yet comparing with Hong’s family (Ti Amo Chocolate) , i believe Jia Lin is much better … ^ ^

    cant help smiling while watching this series .. i think this is why we watch series and any drama .. we just wanna get some happiness from watching and this series has perfectly done its job …

    love u both .. ke huai & xiao yang 🙂

  • Ariel

    ok bye…hahahahaXDDDDD

  • Guest


  • Orientalpurplemoon

    I’m starting to get very frustrated and annoyed with ke huai… He should be firm and not entertain that sickening jia ling anymore… Make a clean break, for heaven sake…Darren shud also leave her for good.. That will teach her a good lesson for always using him to get things her way..

  • Guest

    damn girl your annoying @yuanjialing 

    • DQ

      She is so annoying and I really hate seeing her in this drama.  She needs to get lost…

  • Pa5118

    可不可以請問一下  有沒有幕後花絮~

  • Febanonymous2012

    why part 5 is mute ??

    • Tif

       mine works.. it’s not mute

  • Rainey

    以前不太喜歡Darren, 可是看了這齣戲…
    對他改觀了. 很喜歡他. 🙂

    還有, 我覺得蔡淑臻跟賴雅妍, 她們兩個長得滿像的.

  • lol


  • Dnkre

    i like this show…

  • sg rocks

    4th !

  • Hello

    why keep blinking???

  • Exactlyjoy

    so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gueeee88