Fondant Garden Episode 04

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鄭米恩 (簡嫚書飾) 個性開朗善良,從小將父親對製作蛋糕的心意銘記在心,


朴希煥 (朴政珉飾)







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Tipster Rednimer
  • Grace

    i’m watching this drama because of kingone and the manshu. just let me vent my anger towards the korean actor in peace~

  • Cammie

    Actually the korean guy is… rather cute ^^ hehe.
    I wonder why there is so much hate here xP

  • who is the fierce looking guy that works in the cake shop?

    • fewefewfew

      not sure which guy u are talking about its either 鄭仲之 or 陳衍甫 these two names are different person though

  • CherishCat

    Tbh , i dont really like JungMin’s Character in this show… He’s too spoiled,,, no offence. Just my opinion .

    • Grace

      yaaa! i don’t think his character deserves the girl =3=

      • ILU

        but at the end you know why! he is actually sweet!

  • Lws Irene

    Don’t like the Korean guy… childish.

  • KingOne Show810

    dno why? but i just want MiEn and HanXiang together~ not the korean guy. hehe

    n i like all the OST man!! cool! kimberly n DaMouth 😀

  • Lol I swear they totally act like kids! But it is really cute :3

  • guest

    But this is already episode 4. You take THAT long to judge one show or someone’s acting?

  • guest

    Then you probably wont like Korean guys. Cause the ones I know…..pretty much acted like him when they were excited bout something. Like little boys -.-

  • Jckira

    its a drama who cares