Spring Love (美人龍湯) Episode 01

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  • aimeeluna

    no engsub?

    • iloveusa

      Why?are you one of the filipino whore?you should go back and watch your native idiot senseless dramas and not lingering here. Have some patriotism for all time sake! Cause I have to admit I’m such a racist, so it really boils my blood to see filipino pigs are climbing their wall to taiwan and Korea’s vicinity!

    • 追憶者

      just search spring love in the website called dramanices

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  • Charlene Huang ‎

    please fix part 1 because its not working(: thaks

  • crazy

    english plsssss..

    • iloveusa

      English your face

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  • zzzzzz

    omg this is so zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • jacques

    好胖 !

  • Bachfifi

    Can’t whatch it. Is there any site that I can watch this drama? Thanks!!!!

  • guest

    aaron yan sang the ending song called 被忘錄

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  • guest

    賀小美進步很多,劇情也有趣。 比羅絲小姐好看吧

  • Lola

    In my opinion, I would considered Mike He as one of the better actors, but not a talented one. In addition, he is not very wise in choosing his roles, potentially due to the reason that he doesn’t know his limits and is constantly trying to explore different roles and scripts, which has proven to be a somewhat downward sprial for his career,

    After watching many of his dramas, I have realized that Mike He not suited to portray tragic, cold, and filled with sorrow characters since he always turn out being very stiff and emotionless in those emotional scenes . . . I just can never experience the emotions that he is trying to express . . . and that is what I feel when the doctor gave Mike the poision to assist him in his hope for an early end to his life in the hospital. It should have been a very sad and touching scene, but Mike acting made me feel nothing and I feel like he was just reading a script.

    If Aaron Yan or Vic Zhou or Wallace Huo portrayed Mike He’s role in that specific scene, the vibe of that scene would have been very dark and tragic. Even though I haven’t been captured by Mike He’s performance in the first episode, I am still looking forward to the upcoming episodes since there is still room for improve, as in Roseate Love . . . Rachel Liang’s performance dramatically improved through the passing of each episode, and in the end, I was somewhat captured by her character.

    In the many different roles that Mike He has portrayed throughout the years, I feel that his best performance was in “Love Keeps Going,” with Cindi Wang. In my opinion, that role suits him the best . . . since Mike just seems to be a moody, mean, yet warm-hearted person with a great sense of humor. He just seems to be a person who tends to chooses to forget his unhappy past and constantly pushes himself to move forward in life for a brighter future.

    Therefore, that is one of the reason that I think his role in this drama doesn’t suit him since “Ting He” tends to be a character that dwells in his past and is somewhat haunted by it. Another problem with this drama is that they are trying to turn a very serious, and tragic script into a comedy drama, which is not a very wise idea. There are scenes where I have noticed that the wrong tone and emotion were expressed. Well, I am one critic of this drama. . . . whether or not this is a good drama is left for the rest of the audience to judge for themselves . . . and that’s why acting is very subjective, either you love it or hate it.

    • Guest

      Could not have agreed more, although I have to say that I personally don’t think Mike is a good actor. It really seems that he’s just reciting the script at times, not gonna lie (esp. in “Love Keeps Going”, which ironically you mentioned as an example of his better acting). I feel because of his looks and on-screen charm, he’s suitable as eye candy for audiences, but again…in terms of his acting, I don’t think there’s much improvement. Granted, this is also due to what you mentioned – he doesn’t choose his roles very well.

      • Lilee

        I don’t agree with you two. I like his acting and think that makes him are very charming.

    • Aussie

      Your point is? You wrote so much which I could sum up in one coherent sentence- “Mike is suitable for some roles but not others”. However, you have more negative and bias opinions about him. I beg to differ. I only have one comment, it seems that the scriptwriter tries hard to create a catchy start but the arduous efforts have become fruitless. It becomes uninteresting and not smoothly linked. Don’t blame the actor or actress. The script needs a major rethought. Cheers.

    • Bobcats

      Did you just wrote an essay?? O.O

  • Guest

    Feel sorry for Mr. Mike He… after all these years, his acting still has NOT improved, he doesn’t even have expressions. Unlike his good buddies Joe Cheng and Ethan Ruen who have improved leaps and bound. It’s time for Mr.He to join the army.

    • guest

      wooah bitch hold up. no expressions? i think there’s a reason why he’s’ in so much more dramas than his “good buddies” if we’re talking no expressions, I think joe cheng fits that category more. most of ethan’s roles are really close to his personality anyways. I like his acting, if it can make someone cry, like i had,then i think he’s a good actor. so you can take your shit somewhere else.

      • Joordan Leung

        I agree with the poster about Mike’s stiff acting. He is not a bad looking boy and he has his millions of girlfans, and I mean little girl fans to support him so he will always get the drama roles, whether his acting is good or not. Let us be honest here, he is a mediocre actor at best. , and his emotion scenes are void of any emotion. He is stiff and vacant when delivering such scenes. His other scenes are no better either. Ilike Mike and I think he is a cool person, but let us be honest, his acting has not improved since he came on the scene. The person calling someone a bitch, it is because of little delusional girls like you that he will keep afloat. There was no need for you to behave in such a disgusting manner. Grow up. It is good you like Mike, but you are acting like you are his wife. He has a lover, a companion, a partner, if you get my drift. It is not, or will not be you or any of the millions of fangirls.

      • Joordan Leung

        Hey!, there is no need for you to call anyone a bitch because they dare to say anything you deem negative about your precious Mike. You are not his wife, idiot. He has a lover, a partner, a companion. A very tall and cute companion. I agree his acting is mediocre and his ability to show emotions in his dramas and movies come off as wood like, stiff and void of the effect it is supposed to give off. He will always be in the dramas because of his legions of groupe fangirls, not because he is such a great actor.

  • unknown


    • Haha

      lol but I think she’s cute

    • unknown

      you’re uglier than her

  • ann

    yay!! first!! excited for this drama 😀

  • ann

    yay! first! excited for this drama!!