Someone Like You (聽見幸福) Episode 12

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飛天谷中,陳禹希(任容萱飾)目送著登上纜車前往峽谷的遊客們,一邊用隱藏的mini mic跟媽媽(苗可麗飾)報告剛從遊客身上打探到的情報,目的是為了打造『神蹟』,吸引更多慕名而來的信徒,為弟弟籌措醫療費。




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Tipster Rednimer
  • Keiyoshi

    Good Night BABY … who sing this

  • vi

    What is the name of the song at 1:07 and who is the singer?

    • yh

      which part?

  • Lynn6

    This is testing our patience … when is ZC going to confess to YX??
    YX .. please don’t be so ignorant of your feelings towards ZC .. it is not easy for ZC to fall for someone after he lost his fiancée so this is it!!

    • Next episode?

  • fwjeio

    gosh vanessa bad end.

  • jeoiw

    wei lian haha

  • ck1Oz

    The Chairman’s words are so archaic. The employees should know their place? Is she for real and living in the 21st century? Sometimes Chinese shows trite comments drive me crazy.

    On the other hand, cheesy what’s his name? I keep calling him Mr Fang is kind of cute and Yu Xi is so obvious it’s funny. The writer makes it so obvious I want to puke but then continue watching because they are so cute.

  • Vet

    Could Yu Xi become anymore awkward?… Lol

    A little over half of the show and it’s still pretty good so far…