Seven Friends (七個朋友) Episode 16 The End

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  • Aaronfans

    AARON <3

  • kirara

    This episode seems, more like a flash back episode.. using the “before they were…” as a WRAP up to tie the episode. It didnt fix anything or make the plot move forward.. awkward way to end it.. It definitely feels like, “we didnt get enough ratings to last till episode 20, so lets just cut it off at 16”. Smart yes, but it just is a bit messy.

  • Lynn6

    This drama … hangs the thread to the end to bring XT and Ah Zhi together!! XF makes a compelling partner for XT but of course Peter is only guest starring .. missed seeing Peter on Taiwanese drama

    • kirara

      I agree. I love Peter here, and He’s the odd guy out and YET he’s still nice to XT to tell her to let her choose the man of her choice and he won’t force her to anything she doesnt want to do.. I’ll take Peter if XT doesn’t ! 🙂