Seven Friends (七個朋友) Episode 12

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  • kirara

    It was weird when XT said that YB was her first love, (in episode 11) so does that mean she didnt like AZ at all when she was in high school? This drama is so confusing.. I’m starting to believe it really is the concept of 7 friends being “FRIENDS FOREVER!”

  • Lynn6

    This drama is really skipping around with the characters and we are still guessing who XT will end up with?? I guess this makes the drama a little more interesting and we keep watching! It is possible that YB could end up with XT as he still likes her a lot but Ah Zhi .. not clear about his intentions .. busy with work is a reason but sounds like an excuse to look up XT. NN seems happy for once! Could this be a story of just friends forever!!