Seven Friends (七個朋友) Episode 10

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Tipster Rednimer
  • An55mv

    The scene where XT crying sitting .. why cry?

  • Lynn6

    When XT saw NN kissing YB, she ran away in tears? So XT likes YB and not Ah Zhi?? This is confusing .. if XT has no feelings for YB in the way she has acted so far, she should not feel anything and in fact, should be happy for NN and YB if they both like each other!

    • kirara

      I agree.. i feel like we are going through either a merry go round or like that ride with the teacup where we are going in circles.. I can’t figure out who is going to paired up with who. We also see YZ also have feelings for AZ (when she clearly told EVERYONE she only sees him like a brother).

      I’m confused just trying to figure out where this series is heading because i see this cycle of “hey we’re good friends!” then one person back stabs the others and then we are back to everyone being enemies with each other.(How many episodes total is this drama?)

      • An55mv

        Should be 20 episodes .. I hope that XT try something for YB..