Second Life (幸福選擇題) Episode 70 The End

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  • Christy Nacorda Cabanlit Corpu

    hello…can you please tell me what’s the title of the last episode waiting…thanks u so much

    • Winnieee

      Do you mean the name of the drama at the end of this episode?
      It’s Love Family.
      It’s really really good!!!!

  • whitecastle


  • Guest


  • Lynn6

    With so many episodes behind us, why rush the ending in a single episode and we have to wait till part 4 of last episode to see the happy ending for En Zhen and Li Fang!!


    HAHAHAHA OMG I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING at how li wei’s mum and dad wouldn’t believe xin yi when she said her and li wei were back together and when the dad went to tell li wei to act the part until xin yi gets over her break up and li wei goes “no we ARE together” and the dad just goes “THAT’S THE WAY” HAAHAHAA

    ALSO the part where the mum goes “en zhen it’s your turn next” and li fang jokingly picks her up HE’S ADORABLE

  • Billet

    Omg, last episode alr?!