Scarlet Heart 2 (步步驚情) Episode 41 The End

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  • CT


  • Qbibi

    This drama so confusing … Hatred everywhere …

  • Happy Cat

    Okay, this is just amazing. The first four episodes kept me on the edge of my seat. I finished all 41 episodes in less than 48 hours. Now, I have to go back and watch part 1 again. I am also very grateful to find this unedited version where it picks up where part 1 left off. Thank you, thank you!

  • lala

    Omg. All I can say is that I’m super glad to watch all this fantastic disaster series before recommend it to my mom and aunts. Hilarious, some part were like watching S.N.L or something. The main lead are good, too good for this unbelievable awesome crappy story line.

  • Buuuu

    Bad show. Would not have watch this had it not been for Bu Bu Jing Xin. Bad story line. Messy and no link love story changes.

  • icebaby814


    • Mary

      Totally agreed

  • paperdoll

    i just like to see nicky wu cry haha

  • bleh

    omg im so grateful for this happy ending!!

  • uploadHKfullversion

    SUGO please upload HK version of this drama!!!! I believe it was because of the LAW of the MAINLAND CHINA that this drama turned out bad! in desperate need of the FULL VERSION!! Don’t mind watching it over again at all!

  • juzme


  • Shan

    Ending is actually not that confusing. Zhang Xiao was in a coma so she kept dreaming. Later she kept waking up from different dreams, till she’s finally awake and out of the coma. So, no one had car accidents and loose legs. No one died, no one went blind. Everyone is well and alive. So there you go, big happy ending.

  • lucy wahhhhhh

    i don’t get the ending.. the plot of this whole movie is similar to the original one but whyyyyyyyy? i thought it’d be continuously going where it left off. what a confusing ending and left all of us confused like wtf happened

  • 哎哟哟


  • Mikis

    Check out the Hong Kong Version currently playing. It’s the director’s version and the story flows way better there. I am not a fan of this version broadcasted in the mainland….totally messed up…

    • Yoyo

      Where can ifindthe Hong Kong version?

    • Prissy Khoo

      Pls advise site to view HK version …

    • jj

      please share us where to watch the hongkong version? ..i agree with u that this version is messed up



  • Ginger

    Indecisive people!!! Life does not have that many options…

  • janeping

    Disappointed! I only watched because I like the actor/actress. The whole story is a mess and the production is far from the original show.

    • Anne Darmawan

      Yes… I agree with u…
      Truly dissapointed… 🙁

  • Anne darrmawan

    Yes this is the ending… Very confusing…
    I dont get it… Is nicky wu blind? Or is he not???

    • janeping

      He’s not. It’s part of the stupid twists they tried to fit in.

      • Anne Darmawan

        Hi Jane… Please help to explain to me… First zhang xiao had a dream with the umbrella scene and also yi nuo died, and then shi han got hit by a car… Thats all a dream right?
        How about the scene where han xing comes to the restaurant and injured yin zhen’s eyes??? Whats that also a dream???
        I truly dont get it…
        It seems that have more than one alternate ending but put them together anyway…

        • fewjio

          they made 3 endings

          • Anne Darmawan

            Ending no. 1: zhang xiao married with shi han?
            Ending no. 2: end up with nicky wu but he is blind
            Ending no. 3: end up with nicky wu and happily ever after??
            O my o my…..

    • fewjio

      3 endings

  • grc

    Is this the ending ?