Say I Love You (勇敢說出我愛你) Episode 16 The End

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一個失業 、 失戀的輕熟女 ,


歡迎光臨 石頭 PIZZA 屋!
就要展開 !

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Shan

    Last episode ruined the whole drama! Poor editing here and there, Poor acting (Ging Ging Yong got hit by car and no one acted worried!). And why the F is YiGuin still alive after facing down in the water for at least a few minutes? And she can walk down the stairs right afterwards. WTF? And they allow the daughter to be alone with her killer mom who just tried to kill 2 people? So disgusted that they just wrap up drama in such a hurry, with not even an ounce of responsibility towards us the loyal audiences. LAME!!!!

  • Lynn6

    Huh …is that the ending, I was still waiting for more scenes to come and it shows “THE END”? Oh well, new drama coming then

  • noshit

    the daughter is a little bitch who will grow up to become her mother. bratty and likes material stuff.

  • Illusions

    Nice drama… short, sweet and simple… no dragging of plotlines…

  • :)

    Ending like too little! Not what I expected .

  • :)

    End just like that?