Rock N’ Road (A咖的路) Episode 01

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Tipster Rednimer
  • jenny vu

    would be perfect if there was eng sub.

  • fdsfsdfsd

    what is the humming song anyone know?

  • Jpm_4EVES

    OMG! those two girls in the competition are doing BY2’s 有没有

    • Jpm_4EVES

      nvm those two bitch gurls are a disgrace to the dance!

  • LoveLifeLoveCat

    debating whether to watch this drama or not. It looks cliche but I love Mayday!!!! >-<

    • peg

      it’s no more cliche then other current Sunday night t-dramas, but I do find this drama has better quality in acting and cinematography overall.

  • Faggot

    honestly I want to listen to her Cd

  • fjweiojfwe

    she sings really good sorry to say, but are u blind judgEs?

    • fjweiojfwe

      i meant deaf…except the dancing..

      • Pika

        dancing is actually great man but a bit primary..

  • mwhaha

    funny part he thought she’s trying to bribe the judge but it’s actually a Cd

  • Imhones

    I think the famous dude’s assistant should become part of the band …she looks good ..

  • fwejieowjfw

    seriously…I just can’t understand how could she even forget THAT GUY AND THAT GIRL WHO BECAME FAMOUS….WAS THE ONE WHO STOLE HER (the main female character) SHOW?? THEY LOOK ALL THE SAME…

  • q

    love this I like the both guy lead

  • whenpigsfly937

    This drama seems nice! Finally a tw drama I can finally watch. Just wish that was their real voice.

    • lol

      it is except the singing i guess?

      • lol

        not sure the singing part..

        • blah blah

          they sang itttttttttttttttttttttttt behind the scene said so

  • yy

    this drama is not bad. 🙂

  • 我♡五月天

    衝著五月天唱主題曲而來看的!! ♥

    • notimpressed

      No wonder the song sounds familiar… I guess people write songs and then they get stuck with the same style…

  • love IT

    omg MAYDAY <333333 LOVE IT

  • r34r23r23r2323


  • r34r23r23r2323

    LMFAO that kiss3

  • r34r23r23r23

    ew justin bieber’s HAIR