Refresh Man (後菜鳥的燦爛時代) Episode 15

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  • Lynn6

    I believe AS too .. i think that WK is setting up WZY to fall. The only way to get to the bottom is for AS to work for WZY ..

    • Cloud 38

      If is setting up, how come preview 爱莎 seems to hint 雨棠 to leave 纪文凯?

  • Vicky Chan

    looks like there will be quite a few changes in the next episode.. wonder aisa is it just acting to join ziyu side or really joining! hope yu tang will stay strong and help wen kai in overcoming this crisis!


    just looks like a trap for wang zi to get aisha into his clan of evil and then she’ll tell the plans to ji wen kai tbh

  • Shirley Cheong

    Still believe in 爱莎, just have to wait n see.
    Zhong yu tang can do it! ?

  • Cloud38

    I think 爱莎 really turns bad ? Because preview she is also hinting 钟雨棠 to leave 纪文凯. Oh please!! Sure will have old plot of leaving and then drag till 纪文凯 knows the truth of bad 爱莎 then find 雨棠 back… hope the director will not have such storyline again… hope will surprise us with a good ending…

  • chew cg2002

    Why the the preview show like in ep16 yu tang will leave?

  • Vimalajatini Fitria

    Stil believe aisha not a bad people

    • chew cg2002

      I also believe her but i trust yu tang can do it well

      • Vimalajatini Fitria

        yup, i also trust yu tang can do it well, but i still curious that aisha plan to entered SInwei company for collect some informations.

    • Bored

      I think it is a set up by WK to bring down that arrogant ‘Prince’. It is getting more exciting.
      If WK were my boss, I’d not leave my job 🙂

      • Randomly replying

        Maybe … Ai Sa seems to keep mentioning that he doesn’t understand girls or something. Maybe a hint to what both Yu Tang and her will do…