Refresh Man (後菜鳥的燦爛時代) Episode 14

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  • bubblegumpop

    I actually think the love part is unnecessary. The work related issues are much more interesting..

  • Kenogi

    Finally something different from most other Taiwanese idol dramas! It will be really cool if Aisha were to be a double agent! 要是艾莎是個 “雙從臥底”,那就會超棒!

  • GuEsT

    是的大家! 我又回來了. 我想看這部戲可​​​​以爛到什麼程度, 難看到什麼程度? 我覺得兩個主角演戲好生澀, 很多硬逼出來的羅曼蒂克… 為什麼有人說good chemistry?! . 故事的內容也很沒梗+無聊的對話+沒有邏輯, 不自然的辦公室橋段…

    Yes everyone I’m baaaaack! Just trying to find out how much worse this drama can get. Ahh it did get worse…Still bad acting and lousy storyline. I got goosebumps and NOT in a good way. LOL!

  • Vicky Chan

    next episode is getting scary! didnt know that ziyu is bad.. dunno whether aisha have any collaboration with ziyu.. hope wenkai is able to settle the crisis..

  • Lynn6

    The chemistry between WK and YT are so amazing in this episode .. WK showing how much he cares for YT .. like like!!

  • Shirley Cheong

    I think that is 纪文凯plan to let 爱莎 collaborate with 鑫威

    • JOE YI

      But 愛沙 had eye contact with that 王子麵 when he was saying that the company has some financial issues, like the both of them had already planned something against 紀文凱.

      • cathy

        i think 紀文凱 guessed that 王子 will go from 愛沙 and let them collaborate by acting blur. the last part after 紀文凱 receive the SMS and changed the meeting time and venue with 王子, he did not tell 愛沙 about the guy who sent the text since it is likely to be work related. Normally, 紀文凱 will update 愛沙 as long as is work related right?

      • Shirley Cheong

        I feel that maybe 爱莎 is 纪文凯 plan to 卧底 at 鑫威

  • Vimalajatini Fitria

    I believe aisha not a bad person…

  • WOW

    oh no.. looks like the clever CEO 紀文凱has something really complicated to solve next episode. 紀文凱 you have to trust him, he needs your support.

  • aa

    now the show is starting to get more interesting.

    • Bored

      I so enjoyed it. Watch it again.

  • Sam

    Ai Sha has turned HEEL!