Refresh Man (後菜鳥的燦爛時代) Episode 11

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Tipster Rednimer
  • M3yz

    Finally long waited couple n kiss scenes… lol
    Cant wait aaron n qiao qiao get more lovey dovey..

  • Vivien Lim

    I love this drama, especially Aaron….love him so much….

  • 吱吱


  • face

    it feels like凱 凱 really like touching 棠 棠 face.
    When they kiss, he grabbed her face. When they have breakfast he touched her face, when they were about to eat at 棠 棠 house/restaurant also he touched her face. (and more)

  • daddy

    鑫威生技董事長, 王子’s dad really like 鍾雨棠. he call 棠 his future daughter in law. cute….If 凱 found out, he will be so jealous.

  • 甜蜜

    Look forward to see next episode 曾之喬 and 亞綸:未來更閃.

    鍾雨棠 please don’t be scared. It will be better from now on. 凱 凱will be here for you this time, and he won’t run away like before. Have courage.

  • fiona

    Why i always get message video can’t play… pls help

  • Lynn6

    i really like them together but WK is acting rather “dominant” by saying “I am the general and you are the soldier” …!!

    • Gilbert Kilipaki Borja Montalb

      Sounds like you either haven’t paid any attention to the story, or even watched from the beginning…

  • Anthea Wang

    Best episode yet. Finally YT and WK date after 10 episodes

  • sassin 95

    i cant understand it but it still worth the waiting… will watch it again after the eng sub out

  • Yanny

    It was definitely worth the torture of a whole week of waiting that they put us through. LOVED IT!!! Their chemistry is amazing but then again who hasn’t he had a good chemistry with? He’s an amazing actor. He can tell you EVERYTHING with his eyes. I’m gonna have to watch it like 10 times before I’m satisfied! Lol

    • Bored

      Awwwwww……me too.

  • Vimalajatini Fitria

    Love this episode so much.. 🙂

  • Heliocentric

    SO. CUTE.

    • Vimalajatini Fitria

      Very cute.. haha… cant wait for watching their romance..

  • Azzy

    Best episode so far! They are so cute together, and they really have good chemistry.