Refresh Man (後菜鳥的燦爛時代) Episode 09

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Joyification

    Just imagine if wechat has the feature of seeing the other party online and typing.. it’ll be awkward.. haha

  • whenpigsfly937

    Finally after one week! But this episode all I wanted to do is to punch Wang Zi Yu! Hopefully Yu Tang finds that hair band in the bin! Please let them confess the next episode!

  • Lynn6

    So cute .. WK is so jealous waiting for YT!!

  • Kenogi

    Starting to get the feels!!! Sigh but why do the male leads of shows like this always have to be so childish and egoistic…

  • leejong

    Jack really needs to go back and do his own work. As an executive secretary I doubt he has the time to run personal endeavours to Joanne like he has been doing.

  • Huihui

    This show is definitely becoming more and more interesting!!!:))Aaron yan I love you!!

  • Jetblackheart

    ah can’t wait for aaron yan to show his affection to joanne :> THEY LOOK SO GOOD TOGETHER :”)

  • meiwei