Refresh Man (後菜鳥的燦爛時代) Episode 01

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Tipster Rednimer
  • naznin

    Very nice

  • Ekta yogi

    i want to see refresh man episode in eng
    lish subtitle…from where i see that

  • Elly L

    I’m biased. Aaron is perfect as usual but quite weird to be paired up with the girls here. Too senior(?) for him? :/

    • cat

      Aaron is a year older than the female lead.

      • Amandachan

        I think she looks older so ~

  • Lynn6

    Why is Aaron’s lips so pink looking?? Less make-up for WK please!! Chemistry so so .. hope the two get better as the drama moves on.

  • few

    i got sick of aaron’s acting xD dk why.


      Maybe because he’s portraying those unreal dominant types:
      perfect in every way (with its flaws somewhere in the middle of the storyline), handsome, cold from the outside (like a greek statue), but seductive, rich (and thus can get away with anything).

      • few

        No…how to say it feels like his acting didn’t improve…its all of his acting drama…same old acting nothing changed.

        • few

          if u compared it to 王傳一 his acting changes depend on the character but for aaron u just don’t feel it.


          Well.. Maybe directors want him to stay like that.. I don’t really see any improvement for his acting in these sort of dramas, sadly enough..

      • Fernandez Yong

        if memory serves me right, this is the third time he portrayed a high corporate boss

        • Right: 1. Just You, 2. Fall In Love With Me, 3. Refresh Man

  • Jetblackheart

    this reminds me of Office Girls the older tdrama! 🙂 maybe same director (?) hahah im just guessing. Looks promising!!!