The Queen (女王的誕生) Episode 15

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唐美寶(楊謹華 飾)就是這樣,她一直幻想著當職場上的女王,從二十歲到三十歲,人生最美好的時光全賭給了模特兒圈,從小模到老模,始終不曾是名模,已經三十歲的她,還要繼續賭下去?

美寶猶豫的同時,一身貴氣的打工仔馮明泰(孫耀威 飾)忽然闖進她的生活中,嘴巴上要美寶幫他找工作,但動機卻不是這麼單純…

誰也沒想到,馮明泰和名模朱蒂(蔡淑臻 飾)有不可告人的關係,朱蒂是天生的女王,她從來就不把美寶當一回事,濺起了火星,波及楊瑞(路斯明飾)和杜小葳(雷瑟琳 飾)。杜小葳,有野心的小女生,夢想著嫁入豪門當女王;楊瑞,才華洋溢的國際秀導,藏著對美寶一絲理不清的情愫…


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  • iloveusa

    I love eric he’s cute at the same time he’s also a good singer and good actor.

  • iloveusa

    This story is better than dejavu, no longer standing by after the feature of episode 17,story line going nowhere at the same time they just add crap to extend the original number of episodes even though they know by themselves that amnesia thing is too blind

  • so

    Eric is better in English. I love all the songs in this drama but i don’t like the story line..The cast are alright really but the story line is too draggy and a bit boring too. Taiwanese like drama about princess and Queen! hahaha

  • guest3425

    god, he sounded so much better in english

  • North Odin


  • come onnn

    dude “dennis” just man up and face it!

  • confused

    This show is getting very strange. What heck is going on?

  • feiojwofewjo

    DAMN I HAVE NO IDEA what will happen.