The Pursuit of Happiness (愛的生存之道) Episode 12

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Connie

    Ohhh my god. SO FRUSTRATING. 编剧在想什么啊

  • Sophie

    So, Lei Lei is supposed to be very professional and a great leader and all, but how many days has she missed work since the show started? It seems like once every episode at least.

  • SY

    I cried when Yi Kang left…. All the things he did for Lei Lei & the letter he wrote for her )’:

  • K


  • K

    說真話 沒劇情耶~ 好無聊的戲 浪費好演員! 真的好沒梗

  • pearl

    i thought he was gay?

  • bb

    我說阿 又是一個結局才在一起的戲 唉. …

  • 後面越拖越無聊 -.-

  • Lily Pasta

    thanks a lot for uploading.

  • Ayeee

    T.T this is sad

  • Lily Pasta


  • 三三

    拖啊拖啊拖啊拖啊拖啊也总算拖到了结局… 前十集明明很好看的。公司要员工自己还钱,好瞎喔。就为了要黄以康买下房子而隆重登场哦…唉。前十集真的很好看的。
    删掉二男女主角的戏份,删掉lulu这个枝节,删掉过多的’回忆录’,删掉男方的’梦境’情节,缩短第一次的’拥抱’时间,缩短第二次的’拥抱’时间再取掉歌曲… 那就像一部优质的台湾日剧了。

  • jess

    lulu’s acting is super horrible omg -.- and they shld stop dragging btwn them already. its getting old and draggy

  • Ann

    好拖戲 快點在一起了好嗎

  • Lynn6

    I love that hug that Huang Yee Kang gave Ji An Lei when he came back in the morning .. warm and full of love even though Ji An Lei is still trying to resist her own feelings for him … please move their relationship forward!!!

  • Lulu


  • jeiufjwe

    xD thought he was gay hahaha

  • Drama Police

    ATTENTION drama police here. Epi 12 Part 4 10:04 subject was leaving for Africa with a big suitcase. At 12:53 he got done talking and left WITHOUT his suitcase. LAME!

    • viewer

      mmm…could it be that he had already ‘checked-in’ his suitcase? After all, given the size of that suitcase, it will not be allowed to be brought to the plane.

    • fourjyip

      they don’t have to show u how to check in & get the boarding pass, right?

  • Ccc17

    Thank you so much for uploading !!

  • Honeydew

    So draggy.

  • 123

    lulu’s reaction is sooooo lame -.-” so chidlish!

    • derevoli

      I think it’s partly because her acting sucks.