Prince William (威廉王子) Episode 06

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Tipster Rednimer
  • fewjoiew

    i love the part her dad and the daughter scene hahaaha

  • Loving the drama

    Love the parts where he decided to be him self! And how we can start to sense jealousy in Yi xing.

  • guest

    Part 1 at 4:50 and at 5:15 you can see thick knee pad under his trouser pants.

  • guest

    Who care if you are first. Just be thankful for uploading the video. Thanks for the video & have a nice weekend.

  • Jj


    • guest

      Who cares.

    • guest

      I’d like to find out where this lame “first!” game is from. Seems very popular on this website. Is this an Asian thing? Or???

      • chen

        It’s only a kind of Chinese internet cult. Why get offensive.

      • fewjoiew

        no ones give a fk anyways….probably start from anime comment-,- people just like to say first so that they will be seen since anime is popular many comments…so get on first page u get to be seen lol which is stupid…..but in drama comments i think this is no need no one will comment unless its necessary