Prince of Lanling (蘭陵王) Episode 45 – 46 The End

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  • mbc

    YWY died at the age of 36.

  • Evonne

    Does anyone remember that when Xuewu’s grandmother was treating Lanlingwang’s horse in episode 2, she said “it’s life is like yours. No parents when young… It’s born to protect you. It will die bleeding to its death… It does not want to leave you and want to stay with you forever till the last battle” I am wondering is she also referring to xuewu?

  • Ade

    It’s a very good ancient chinese story. Where is my LLW in my life?

  • Pikachulover

    After finishing this drama, i didn’t know what to do with my life anymore! Why did she have to die, like Lan Ling Wang is going to have a burden heart and feel like her death was because he couldn’t protect her, Has anybody though what would happen if Xue Wu was at home with her baby and didn’t go to kill Zheng Er and the emperor?

  • ThatShortAsian

    XueWu really didn’t have to die… I cried the most when XiaoDong died. I was so heart broken QAQ

  • crazyaboutanime

    i saw this on the tv show and decided to view ahead of it ..
    Well this chinese drama is AWESOME!

  • eileen

    why cant they change the story in the end change the both forever and ever….!!! such a good story and , lin yi cheng shud hide behind the queen … =(

  • Vyronkaza

    I’m cried so hard at the ending episode 🙁 I’m a fan of chines ancient drama and this one is going to be one of my favorite drama. I’m happy that Ariel Lin back in drama. I love XW with LLW and I also love XW with YWY, honestly I really pity YWY. I believe that his love to her is nothing less than LLW. XW such as a lucky girl. she has two guy who love her till dead.

  • nobody

    XueWu has a petite frame…how could she disguise herself as LLW? i don’t mind her dying in the end to complete the story but…it could have ended better…

  • :)


    • abc

      listen again to what Gaowei said to LLW when he shot Xuewu. He kills both the women because these women have turn both of them into enemies.
      Xuewu’s grandma already knew this would be the fate of her granddaughter which is why she was trying so hard change her fate by keeping Xuewu away from LLW.

      • :)

        xuewu where got turn them into enemies !

  • :)

    What a sad ending! I thought it was a happy ending siaaa!!

  • :)

    Why he aim at Xue wu ?!

  • Anthony

    Such a great drama. I had the most empathy for Zheng Er because of what she had to go through as a girl that wasnt loved and tortured as a slave then got raped. and I was pretty much rooting for her until she killed her best friend!!! Then I was like, omfg okay shes gone waay too psycho, she’s not likable anymore! And when LLW killed himself, to be honest, i kinda lost respect for him because he left his family with more pain. If he followed Wu Ge’s advice and just left to ANYWHERE with Xue Wu it wouldve been better than letting Gao Wei and ZE get what they want and asked for. Although I know LLW’s suicide had a little impact on GW, I felt LLW could’ve done more like he did as the masked warrior than kill himself, but i guess him coming back from the dead makes the story that much epic!!! :))

  • Michelle

    Is it just me, or YWY has really white teeth. Whenever he smiles, I notice his teeth is so white.

    • Vyronkaza

      yes he has 🙂

  • QU


  • Well, i feel Xue Wu had to die because she’s not exactly real… and this was based off a fiction book with real historical people, so it’s kinda impossible to have a fiction character have a “happy” end with a real life guy…. I’m pretty sure both guys have never met her in history… the fact that Xue Wu “married” one of them is already stretching the limit… still sad though :c

    • abc

      If you want to seriously stick with history, in reality, LLW was poison to death by the emperor due to jealousy of his competency and popularity.

  • hallo

    omg god .. so sad

  • ET

    if xuewu and lan ling wang didn’t to save that person (who btw still died in the end), wang wen yong would have still won the war and xuewu wouldn’t have to die?

  • jess

    xue wu has to die to make the series kinda really complete. afterall in history, its always death that ends all the sorrow and war etc. sigh….
    still heartache that xue wu died and that yu wen yong died.
    i still feel that maybe they couldve changed abit, make xue wu save YWY and that YWY continue being a good ruler as he really is, instead of killing them all 🙁 SIGHHHHHHHHHHH.

  • Penny

    After all the hassle, yang Jian asked help from XUE Wu’s granny and then he become the emperor -.- so easy.. just like that get to be emperor n then Lan ling wang, Xue Wu, yu wen yong all die …. Wtf

    • abc

      there is a saying – ‘information is power’! hehehe…
      Yang Jian is a smart guy.
      He killed all YWY’s sons after he became the emperor.

  • Penny

    Why XUE WU die until so ¥€<%*$@&£( ?!?!?! This drama could ended better . Stupid scriptwriter ! Cry until my eyes also red T.T

  • Guest

    I am actually quite satisfied with the ending even though I felt sad and cried a river when XW died. But I think it was her destiny and she’s fated to die from the point she overheard her granny’s conversation with YJ in episode when she was a child.

    – Granny said in her predictions that LLW will be the most potential person who will conquer the world, but he will fall (die) as he will be killed by his kin. However, he succeed (stay alive) if there’s this person who is of great beneficial to him and will help him through any obstacles and eventually escape death.

    – Then little XW overheard the conversation, got know of granny’s prediction and the name of LLW. Therefore, she had been very fond and keen to meet LLW.
    – 10 years later, where the show started with a war, LLW and XW met each other by fate. And then fate made LLW to forget his mask in XW’s house. Due to kind nature of her, she started the journey of looking for him to return the mask as well as wanting to meet LLW.
    – Then everything follow the course of fate. From her getting sold away, met LLW & save her, getting (fake) married, helped him to escape from enemies zone (saved him 1st time). At this point of time, he could’ve just abandon her and leave, but he didn’t. There after, he let her leave and she met up with YWY and come across the disease village. Then, LLW was shot by poisonous arrow because of her. She went to get the cure for him (2nd time saved him).

    – Most important part is when she chose to go back to save LLW from being framed by the stupid disgusting guy (3rd time saving him). She could’ve had just left with her granny but with her staying is totally changing his fate and thus he lived. And with her comeback, it means that the stupid adviser will be found out to be the one behind the voodoo stuff which was placed by Zheng Er whose being made used of. Then Zheng Er became slave, tortured, thinking that XW lied to her, wanting to escape hell with hatred.
    – All these happens because XW saved LLW. Then Zheng Er came back to his house (with hatred, want to revenge XW and stay with LLW). Unfortunately (for ZE), she is being even more hated by LLW of her deeds (which is very important, if XW isn’t there, she will not be hated by LLW for her doings). Then she meet her most disastrous misfortune, this is when her love for LLW becomes hatred.

    – With all the misfortunes, ZE was saved by crown prince and then ZE and crown prince’s hatred grown larger, LLW willing to die. From love to hatred back to love again, ZE then saved him (she’s only able to save him by having to meet and stay beside crown prince). ZE’s saving gesture was indirectly caused by XW also. (so this can be consider saving him the 4th time).
    – Here comes the ultimate part of the whole show, which is XW sacrifice herself to protect LLW. With her interference, she’s then able to be at the death penalty ground holding ZE down. No matter what, LLW will still go and save their advisory, so XW is just there to block that poisonous arrow from him. (5th and last time saving him).

    The fate of LLW changed because of XW and which is why XW must and had to die in the show because her duty is to protect LLW at the cost of her life (which is always being mentioned in the show).

    • Kano

      Well written! although, whoever read this AHEAD OF TIME, SPOILER ALERT LOL

  • Guest

    这部戏好看!林依晨和冯绍峰好搭档!希望能再看到他们合作!Really like their on screen chemistry!

  • fghjkl.

    y does gaowei like to act as a beggar? is this real in history?

    • Penny

      I know right.. Both also become psycho because of love. GAO Wei and zheng er

  • caropak


  • cabbagewins

    I don’t get why the king had to kill Zuewu?

    • Penny

      Because he love the witch until mental problem so he wan to help to fulfill the witch’s wish.

  • emi


  • 雪玲

    Can someone explain to me what eventually became of lan ling wang (兰陵王) at the end…what was the narrator saying?

    • caropak

      in history, lanlingwang actually died at the poisoned drink by Gao Wei. so the rest of the drama parts about Lanling Wang were all made up. and it was never really recorded that he had descendants. but the last part, the narrator was just saying how there was someone later in history who, by inference, could’ve been the descendant of him.

      • angel1

        So in history, when Lang Ling Wang died, what happened to Xue Wu? Please tell.

        • caropak

          there’s no xue wu in history, she’s a made-up character. lan ling wang did have a wife with the last name zheng (same as the name that was given to xue wu by lan ling wang’s granny before she died). in history, zheng fei (鄭妃) died after lan ling wang’s death. but it’s unclear as to how and when. because there was nothing much recorded on lan ling wang’s wife, xue wu was just made up to make the story more interesting

          • angel1

            Was Lan Ling Wang’s wife in history Zheng Er, the maid who was crazy about him in drama?
            If LLW and his wife died after each other, what happened to their son?

          • Win

            Even the maid that crazy on LLW is made up, there were no fine record on their son too. In fact there isnt much historical record on LLW, he died after the poison wine, his offspring was also an assumption because of the buddha stature that later built in his tomb suggestively by his son. Watch it as a 历史偶像剧 , blame the scriptwriter, made it a sad ending.

  • 南北朝時代楊堅之野望


  • amishpan

    okay. that was very depressing. I need to go watch something happy now.

  • WHY


  • Nicole

    if 雪舞 was still alive and didnt die, 蘭陵王 would actually be happier living with his son

  • Raene

    well well well I don’t blame Zhen’er at all. I only blame LAN LING WANG!!! hahahha, sorry but I do. We would all love him so very much if we was smarter, or if not, be lenient to your wife no matter what dude!!! </3

  • Cherryest

    After watching ths drama.. The best thing that came out of it is more ppl love Chen Xiao Dong (Yu Wen Rong).. What a great character indeed! He’s so cute and lovable.. In this drama, he is winner – He won the hearts of lots of new fans! I’m one of them! 😀

  • DD


  • AB


  • mh

    super sad show starting from the middle. wished there were more cute scenes like LLW and XueWu selling eggs! Zheng Er acted so well, even though she’s a baddie I cried for her so much.

  • qqq


    • ppp

      除了 齊國的先皇 皇太后 皇后 和祖太卜 不是之外 其他都是被毒死 要不就是不被毒劍射死的

  • fion

    also what the granny predicted at LLW life actually already taken into account XW if not LLW wouldnt even survive pass the part where he is almosted beheaded. it was already fated that XW will save him and let him supposedly marry zheng fei. if not, he would have died earlier and that will really change history and prediction…

  • fion

    Guess Xue Wu has to die.. the granny predicted LLW’s destiny to be killed by his brother but she did mentioned that he would succeed if there is a 贵人。so probably xw is his gui ren so he survived.. and yet to be this gui ren xw has to die thats why the granny kept stopping her from gg with LLW.. but of cuz it would be nicer if she didnt die.. since already not following history, should jus make it a nice ending drama. it already has the elements of history and 偶像剧。。 just my thoughts…

  • jill


    • HK


  • ahhhhh

    哭掉一整捲衛生紙 T____T

  • guest

    为什么要让杨雪舞死? 她可是天女啊。她一定有办法改变自己的命运啊??????

  • evy

    it would be better if she’s still alive

    • Final

      I just can’t get over that she’s dead. They went through so many obstacles and still gets separated!!!!

  • Final

    They should make a sequel with the two main couple. There’s nothing to watch since this has finished.

    • Guest

      陸貞傳奇on Youtube is worth watching also. Check it out.

    • Guest

      陸貞傳奇 (Lady Prime Minister) is not history. It’s just an idol drama.

  • Io

    best love story.

    • HK

      if it is happy ending

  • fty7799hh

    Everyone dies at the end
    It’s like Chinese Shakespeare tragedy



    • u dont know me

      because thats what his wife want…

  • Olivia Tran

    honestly the ending is perfect. many people are like why she needs to die and how come she couldn’t love Yu Wen Rong. but she has to die! thats her destiny even her grandma couldnt keep her from. and as far as lang ling wang goes i still love his character, he in no way loves xue wu any less than yu wen rong. they are ment to be. all in all an amazing way to end summer and go back to school lol

    • Guest

      Totally agree! Lan Ling Wan would rather allow himself to suffer, than to put Xue Wu and Ping An in any danger. Death was Xue Wu’s destiny. I was definitely sad that she died. But Xue Wu is Tian Nu and they have said something like whoever ends up having her will get the World. So to show that no one really taken over the World, she has to die.

      • Guest

        Well at the beginning of the story, the prediction was that Lan Ling Wang was meant to die in about a year. Xue Wu was suppose to be his only wife. BUT, there was no mentioning that Xue Wu was suppose to die. According to the predictions at the beginning, it didn’t really make too much sense with how the story ended. Besides once Yu Wen Yong conquers Qi, there won’t be any more danger (Xue Wu and Lan Ling Wang is his friend after all). In my opinion, I feel like the write decided to put in a “surprise twist” and make it memorable, but I think it was highly unnecessary. According to the real history, Lan Ling Wang did die at a young age, where as in this series he was still alive in the end. I feel like they could wrap the story up much better than making the lead female die.

        • 曉戀

          I think the Grandma’s prediction was him drinking the poison, and just assumed that he died. But I agree, why did they have to let Xue Wu die… they could have very easily just let the emperor shoot Zheng Er and some how come to the end of his struggle of being weak compared to Lan Ling Wang.

          When the Grandma predicted that Xue Wu has much more power than she does, I was hoping the writers would somehow give Xue Wu the power to change her own future…

          • Guest

            I completely agree with you! When Grandma said Xue Wu is more powerful than she is, I was excepting the storyline involve more on how Xue Wu’s powers develop to save mankind, Lan Ling Wang’s struggles with Gao Wei, and Yu Wen Yong’s struggles with Lan Ling Wang since they are sworn enemies, etc. Rather than the whole entire story plot driven by this massive love triangles between all the characters eventually leads to a “tragic” ending.

          • u dont know mw

            thats why grandma didnt teach Xue Wu how to really become a real 天女. she try to keep XW away from llw, and she did told XW if she dont go back with her, she is on her own. all is for XW not to did in the end…

  • yunaaaaaaa

    I feel the same as everyone else. My heart feels empty and sad seeing the Xue Wu die for Lan Ling Wang. She doesn’t deserve his love. He may be a great king, but a terrible husband. I wish Xue Wu died in Yu Wen Rong’s arms instead and why can’t she fall in love with Yu Wen Rong? :C

    It feels so awesome to see Yu Wen Rong conquer Qi Guo. I felt so heartbroken when Yu Wen Rong cried for Xue Wu’s lost. Why’s the ending so gay man. Why is it with Lan Ling Wang and Xue Wu’s son.

    I hope they continue this drama with another drama with Xue Wu and Yu Wen Rong. After seeing the seen where Xue Wu choosed Lan Ling Wang over Yu Wen Yong when Yu Wen Yong was hurt and risk his entire life to save Xue Wu, I skipped the entire drama to the end.

    OMG I feel so cruel but I feel so happy that Yu Wen Rong died because then he can take care of her in heaven.

    -sigh- if only Lan Ling Wang have Yu Wen Rong’s personality, I feel this drama isn’t that great since Xue Wu didn’t end up with a man that deserves her. OMG sorry I kept raging but I advocate XUE WU AND YU WEN RONG (:

    • Final

      It doesn’t matter how much he loves her, she only loves her husband, thats what counts in life.

    • Raene

      You spelled it all out! somewhat hate Lan ling wang cause he broke ALL his promises to her…( It was like wtf when he said: “even if the sky fall I wouldn’t give her up whatsoever..”) and also a very very BIG dislike how she just forgave him like that. so…I too skip to the end (directors should really really learn from this mistake lol)

      yes, I’m also glad yu wen yong die too, it seems like he loves her more, those who said the two men’s love are equal are so wrong (sorry). but to be honest, name one thing Lan ling wang did for her…and how is he even portray as upright? he was the one that was going to fire people when they were sick? He’s not all that good of a leader, really? How come all the main guys these days aren’t cool, awesome, honest, etc. but it’s always the 2nd to main guy that is so good?

      And…something random, I found FXF’s acting to be so intimidating with all the beautiful ladies he co-star up with, it’s very convincing, especially the way he looks at them, and when you go back to watch Jade Palace you wonder if Yang Mi is still the best pair with him. Does anyone feel the same way hehehe?

  • lllove

    tears… best love story… thanks

  • Marabouly

    HELP What’s the meaning of those words of the offspeaker in the end? i couldn’t understand anything….

    • Shanshan

      Year 1999 in Long-men shi ku (Long-men stone cave) they’ve found documentation of Lanling wang’s grandson had statues of Budda’s made for people to worship. And this document served as an evidence that Lanling wang had decendents.

    • Vicki

      There were statues of diff kinds of guan’ying built in memory of lan ling wang under the name of his future generation children, so they assume that lan ling wang in real life DID have kids

  • Cocopuff


    • maz

      那辛苦你啦 既然對她沒什麼好感 還能夠把整部片看完外加留言

  • Yingyi

    It’s been a while since I was last so captivated by a drama. Well done. It leaves a lot to think about. It made an impression with me. Loved the scene when YWY conquered Qi, but cried so desparately for the loss of XW. And I actually liked Gao Wei in his death scene. I felst so bad for him throughout the drama. He could have been a good person, if not that evil advisor and Zheng Er.

    • final

      It’s his decision, no one held a knife to his throat. He deserved worst, he has no brain to do anything, such a loser! Killing all faithful warriors, what a dumb person.

  • Finajl

    Would not be as effective.

  • Final

    Read on the web that audience want a continuance with happy ending. It would be cool if they can meet up in this century with a happy ending!!!!! But must have thesame couple otherwise would be very effective.

  • tara

    is it weird that even though both ariel lin and william feng acted well, i wouldn’t necessarily want to see them in a drama together again? for instance, i’m dying to see chen qiao en and huo jian hua to act together again and actually be together because of xiao ao jiang hu

  • LLW fan

    ‘remember the temperature of my palm’ what is she trying to say??? She mentioned that a few times.

    • Random

      Essentially it means remember how it felt with the warmth of my hand holding your hands. I would say it means the love, support, how it feels like when I am with you etc.

  • Julie Christie Mercader

    where can i watch this drama with english sub??


    So sad, hope that the three main lead can work again together for another show

    • final

      I’ll second that. Really want to see another drama with these main leads.

  • 接下來呢

    是好看,衝擊力很強。還真是該一天一集的播比較好,現在有點落空的感覺。像是吃了猛藥後身體有點虛的感覺。兩個死的最可憐的是像刺蝟的曉東和身重劇毒硩磨三年的周帝。周帝其實沒有必要隱瞞皇后。其實他該從蘭陵王和雪舞身上學到的是 – 真心坦誠相對,珍惜眼前所有可以與相愛的人相處的時間,每一分每一秒。

  • pink


    • ya


  • pink


  • YumeiXx

    This is like one of the best dramas I have ever seen in forever. So sad during the last few episodes when people start dying. I actually feel sad for gao wei (the king) he loved that witch so much and was willing to die for her.

  • Ying

    Anybody know what’s playing after this?

  • finale

    Both were injured by the arrow, apparently Feng Xiao Liang is stronger than Xue Wu. She could still sit up and hold the king in her arms when Xue Wu looked so weak…lol.

  • finale

    the real history was – LLW died at the age of 33. Very young.

  • Shia

    this drama is absolutely awesome! but in ep 46 when Xue Wu died, Lanling didnt seem that sad.. i was crying my lungs out before that but that scene broke my entire mood:/ sigh

  • hi

    What does the last part means? What happened to lanling wang in the end?

  • PIKI


  • Nana


  • xoxo

    死的人都是最容易解脱痛苦的。。。幸好雪舞不是一个人死的,就算YUWENRONG 没有得到雪舞但是他能在天堂陪伴雪舞!这个结局也不错!至少他们不是孤单离去的。。我好喜欢YUWENRONG 和 雪舞啊!

  • thanks

    good drama! it’s one of the few drama nowadays has a complete ending and well connected plots.

  • Goodbye Xue Wu

    the most touching part is that Yu Wen Rong’s weeping after learning that Xue Wu’s death….

  • final

    Lets just hope they will make another drama together, with happy ending!!!! Meanwhile, I’ll just watch it over again.

    • Sherlinq

      Haha xD I was thinking the same!

  • Viv

    such a twist.. at first when i watch this drama i thought lan ling wang will die but in the end… such twist!! such ending!! so sad!!! T.T

    • crystal

      if i not wrong the story is like that …

  • Ying

    that’s so sad 🙁

  • A

    oops, I saw the lighting set up at the wide shot, when yu wen yong walks into the palace.

  • guest


    • 這個昏君居然會射箭,而且還怎麼準,的確很勉強。

    • GoodBye XueWu

      because he regretted from murdered his own father and so he did not want to kill his own sibling…instead Cheng Er told him she doesn’t like Lang Ling and Xue Wu…

  • 生气的女人


    • 路人甲


  • guest


    • crystal


  • 舍不得


  • dido

    Well said. q____q~

  • Jellybean

    I cried so much!! Wanted Xue Wu to live so much as well but I know that’s impossible ease it would have rewritten history. All the cast acted so well even Zheng Er even though I hated and skipped most parts of her. Fong Shao Wei, Ariel Lin and Chen Xiao Dong acted really really well his crying scenes are like OMG…. One of the Best chinese historical drama I’ve even watched. (And this is my first comment at any websites)

    • Jellybean

      Oops Feng Shao Feng >< made a mistake with his name

    • Goodbye Xue Wu

      how come nobody can save Xue Wu’s life….what about the Zhou’s Queen is from the country….didn’t those aboriginals have some kinda pills which keep human longevity????? lol

  • Sherlinq

    No more words needed q______q~

  • Ariel

    I cried so much!!! I can’t believe this drama has ended. I’ll miss it.

  • thesecret

    FIRST!!! and i’m really exited, whats gonna happen!!!

  • wretch