Prince of Lanling (蘭陵王) Episode 42 – 44

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  • Grace

    Yu wen Yong is such a selfles and great person. He truly loves xuewu and wants her to be happy and be with the one she loves because he knows she loves lanlingwang and not him and it hurts him so much that she doesn’t feel the same way but he still let’s go of her….. It is really heart touching

  • Cynthia Dreaming

    Love this movie but I think that yang xu wu should get w yuwen Yong bc it seem like he understands n love n give up more for her then ling lan does

  • anon

    Looks like Yuwen Yong understands Xuewu better than LLW does~

  • jennili

    lan ling wang forging sword is goddam hot

    • jennili

      i mean mask. sorry

  • Loser

    Am I the only one who think that yu wen shen ju is very charming? HA HA HA

    • anon

      He is!!!

  • HU

    阿怪:( 好可憐

  • History


  • rachel

    yuwen yong is really the best man in the show.

  • jkd-01

    Ep 44 28min-31min T.T SO SAD!!!

  • ger

    how can she not recognise her husband’s handwritinggggggg!!!!

  • Drama Fan

    Interesting history – Yang Jian killed all Yu Weng Yong’s sons in the following year after he became the king except for 1 who died out of sickness.

    • Final

      There’s a chinese saying ‘cut the grass you have to uproot it aswell’.

  • fion

    my first thought when lan ling wang killed zu ting was why kill him.. he killed the last hope of yu wen yong to survive. he could have invented the cure for yu wen yong in that 3 years. lol…

    • jess

      he doesnt know that YWY gt poisoned. YWY kept it to himself.

  • cat1227

    what’s with ep 42? having an almost naked queen in his laps during the morning meetings? what’s with that woman acting like a slut? argghhh, really makes people irritated with that woman!!!

    • Drama Fan

      I had the same sentiment as you initially then I looked up the history – Found that it was exactly like what was described in the peom written by famous poet (like what An De Wang said – ‘yu ti heng chen’. Qi King’s obsession in her was also true.
      Qi King died when he was 21. He was too young and immature to become a king.

  • jy06


  • Lynn6

    I feel so sorry for Yuwen yong … he is such a magnanimous man and king .. the almost perfect gentleman.

  • 030

    別走阿宇文邕 你一走雪舞就死了 就永別了 = =
    在身邊就好啦 ………………….

  • Limin

    为什么大家都说愚忠呢?如果兰陵王反抗他还会是大家心中的战神吗? 若岳飞关羽也反抗他们还会是人民心中的英雄吗?

    • viscariaJ


  • sad =(

    结果宇文邕(阿怪)真的和杨雪舞永别了… T___T

    • 030


  • MonkeyBaby

    Did anyone noticed Lan Ling Wang’s eyes color so sexayyy~??

  • sad

    soon to end so sad that this show ends so quickly no more lan ling wang episode to wait…..

  • Final

    Finished. Didn’t like the ending, so sad.

  • bb

    眼看就要結局了 心痛阿 越演越催淚 = =!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jnar Hwang

    剧情怎么能这样呢 我的啊怪啊,不要死啊。 看到 兰陵王跟雪舞在还那么恩爱 苦命的啊怪 却在一边忍受着剧毒的煎熬。%>_<% 不带这样的吖。心疼死了都!

  • 无聊






  • dramalover

    I meant FSF and Ariel acted very well.Other characters also did quite good too. Understand Xue Wu died in the ending – didnt expect this kind of ending…They should be together after many struggles and difficulties in getting together. Anyway, love this drama and all the theme song esp the one sang by Ding Tang – Shou Zhang Xin – beautiful tune and meaningful lyrics.My mind just cannot take off about this show. It’s really given me great satisfaction after watching this drama.I laughed and cried alot while watching this drama. So sad it’s ending soon. Hope to grab another good drama to watch…

  • dramalover

    it is such a great drama. Both FSF N Ariel, the perfect couple acted very for this touching story.

    • agree

      I agree! FSF and Ariel are AWESOME in this drama! 😀
      Great acting and wonderful chemistry! 😀

      I think Daniel did beautifully as Yuwen Yong too.
      Yuwen Yong is the best written character in the story and Daniel acted this complex character wonderfully 🙂

  • evy

    love this episode

  • jin

    xuewu and siye are a selfish couple, poor xiaodong and yuwenyong. i hate it when everyone sacrifices for the main characters who aren’t even worthy of their sacrifice

    • LNW

      How is being faithful equivalent to selfish? They would become a playboy/prostitute if they take on whoever that comes along!

      • this

        EXACTLY! LLW and Xue Wu love each other and are faithful to each other. What’s wrong with that?

    • what kinda fucking logic man

      if some other man or woman tried to break up your parents who are happily married, would you want your parents to divorce to be with the other man/woman?

    • Final

      Like i said if you don’t like just don’t watch!! You’re making a nuisance of yourself. You sound like that evil bitch in the film.

  • kimmy

    ariel lin’s acting isn’t suited for this role, yang mi would do much better and be much more likeable in this role

    • .

      fuck off, Airel is dong wonderful

      • oreo

        spell right dumbfuck

    • Aries

      Just because they looked great together in Gong, doesn’t make her suited for this role… there is a youthfulness and immaturity to the way Yang Mi looks… Ariel may not be that “typical” beauty, but there is something about her that makes her perfect for YXW… I wouldn’t see anyone else in this role except for her.

      • evy

        I agree

      • xoxo

        don’t compare i love both yang mi and ariel lin! i think both will be great for this drama! so please don’t say anything bad abt both of them! yang mi played alot of role in ancient drama so does ariel lin! hahaha

        • Aries

          I didn’t mean to compare them, because I like both actresses. You probably misunderstood me. What I meant is that even though YangMi is a great actress as well, FengMi shippers should not just assume that everything with FXF in it has to have YM as a female lead. Yes they looked great in Gong together, but I still stand by my opinion that Ariel’s nonconventional beauty is beyond just physical which is perfect for this character, and I can’t see anyone else becoming YXW more than Ariel is all.

      • yeah

        this everything
        *thumbs up*

  • Viv

    i just realized one thing. yu wen yong’s forehead is finally fine now!! it doesn’t look weird anymore!! 🙂

    • Guest

      Maybe or maybe not. This eps could have filmed early on.

    • Limin

      he is allergic to the cosmetic product to stick the hair to his head i think.

      • Lauren

        thats what i guessed too

  • Aimikomi

    Trailers for tomorrow aiiggh teasers! I really hope that’s not the ending!

  • wretch

    LOL @ shi shen pretending to be Chang gong

  • guest


  • crys

    the poor king 🙁 although i don’t like his character but he really loves that witch 🙁

  • Tina Ou