Prince of Lanling (蘭陵王) Episode 39 – 41

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  • elaine

    希望鄭兒這樣的女子別太多, 害人害己。

  • YumeiXx


  • :)

    Omg I watch this show until I Dk cried how many time le !!

  • jennili

    haha…the king’s allergic to some of the plants. part 3, 13:32 —check out his forehead

  • HK

    四喜嚇到的樣子 哈哈哈哈 好有趣

  • 9898

    I think that zhen er became her original innocent self when she is with lan ling wang. The power of love though

  • el


    • Liz


  • Guest

    poop lol

  • jess

    omg… ah guai is a super good king and would be a really good lover. he really loves her with all his might and just wanna protect her even thou he knows her heart is not with him.
    hes willing to sacrifice his pride and ego to protect her. omg.
    if LLW really died, she should really stay with him and be with him and help him. even thou her heart will have LLW but maybe she can accept him.
    but really. omg. hes too good!!!

  • MiniMoon

    i pity 鄭兒

    she love 蘭陵王 to much til she mad

  • rachel

    she ultimate level of friendzone a guai!

  • SHIN


  • Lu Lu





  • Nobody

    我一直有意無意的盯著宇文邕的額頭 XD 長痘痘拉 XDDDD

    • viscariaJ


  • Love KLL

    KLL forgot to wet the bell before tying to the metal to escape…..

    • Love KLL

      oops * white belt typos

  • anonymous

    part 3 29:51- historical china has great lighting system! (spotlights at top left corner)

  • A

    有没有人觉得 宇文神举超帅气的!

  • bb

    蘭陵王對人動情好真實感動 結果都是騙~~

  • crystal

    i still thinking should lan ling wang allied with yu wen yong and rebel the ji king or he should combine force with an de wang and other general … but if they rebel w/o allied than lan ling wang cannot achieved his goal … his purpose is to stop wall … after alilied, they can sign agreement no wang than good lo

  • Guest

    Did people paint their nails 1,400 years ago???

    • Alice K

      my english is not really well, but i know there’re a kind of plant that can paint nails.

    • crystal

      nice question … haha

    • viscariaJ

      Yes they probably can,they dye their nails like how they dye clothes as well, maybe not as well as nail polish as seen in this show. But whether since 1,400 years ago or not….

  • evy

    areil and feng shao feng they both are so great in this drama,,,,

    • nod

      yes they are 😀

      their acting is just top-notch! i’ve watched both of their dramas/movies before, and i just have to say: their acting skills are getting better! 😀

      it also helps that they have really great chemistry together too! 😀

  • Brenda Tsung


  • Love KLL

    King of Lanling Jr is way too big as a new born and eyes open…kidding me….but so chubby and cute….2 more days will be the finale…..feel sad for Yu Wen Rong….he recalled me Wallace Guo at 倾世皇妃 that he fell in love with a woman who doesn’t love him….

    • Pinoko

      倾世皇妃 omg, ikr! I love that drama.

  • final

    love is two sided, one sided would never work and it only brings unhappiness for all concerned

    • agree

      totally agree with you!

      zheng er may claim to love LLW, but if she TRULY loved him she wouldn’t do all these terrible things to hurt him! if you TRULY love a person, even if that person doesn’t love you back, you would try your best to be supportive and at least be a great friend, not try to destroy what you couldn’t have!

      yuwen yong loves xue wu, so even tho she loves LLW, yuwen yong was man enough to let her go with LLW and even tries to help xue wu when she’s in trouble. even when she’s pregnant with another man’s child, he still tries to help her.

      xiaodong is even MORE selfless – his is a love that asks for nothing back in return. he loves xue wu but he truly wishes for her happiness, even glad for her that she found someone like LLW who loves her back. even when he’s heartbroken inside, he always tries to help xue wu and LLW be happy together. he knows his love is one-sided, so he’s content to just be there for the person he loves and be her best friend, even giving his life to save hers. now THAT is true love.

      zheng er’s so called “love” for LLW is just her selfish desire to own him. she admired him when she was young but when she couldn’t have him, she tried to destroy his chance of happiness with someone else.

      the ONLY reason why she couldn’t bear to kill LLW was because she wanted to OWN him. she kept him in chains in an underground hidden basement. would you do that to someone you TRULY loved?

  • Pinoko

    Omg, I am starting to like Zheng Er now, all she wanted was to be with the man she loves. I kinda feel bad for her.

    • kk

      she did something right….save lan ling wang

  • jen

    Ariel Lin’s character is not cute and bubbly like before, she’s fake and unattractive to watch. Her own voice is f*cking annoying as well

    • final

      don’t watch if you feel that waay!!!

    • Guest

      The sorrowful character dosen’t fit Ariel Lin. Ariel Lin acted well as a cute and active girl at the beginnging, but afterward this character becomes so sad that Ariel Lin act not well like before.

      • kale

        on the contrary, I feel that she expressed herself pretty well. I could totally empathize with her.

    • 1123456

      The sorrowful character dosen’t fit Ariel Lin. Ariel Lin acted well as a cute and active girl at the beginnging, but afterward this character becomes so sad that Ariel Lin doesn’t perform well.

    • hey

      Hey , i giv you a suggestion , move your mouse arrow to the top right side and press ‘X’. If dont like just shut ur mouth , close ur eyes , put a cork to stuck into ur ears.

  • J

    四爺變成batman 了

    • crystal

      yup hope lan ling wang faster find an de wang because batman and ROBIN haha

    • :D

      LOL 真有一点似Batman! 😀


  • k

    you can see where yu wenyongs fake hair and his head connect

    • Ariel

      HAHAHA I was just going to post that XDD It’s so obvious!

      • Coco puff

        Gosh! He’s allergic to the hair glue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • asd

        its because he has an allergic reaction to the hair glue. you can tell its really red and bumpy. when he was filmig he had to take pills. they really worked hard for this drama. appreciate!!

        • Ariel

          OMG!!! That’s terrible. 🙁 I thought it was faulty makeup. Poor Daniel. I love him!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so bad for him :'(

  • pink



    • YumeiXx


  • final

    Less skipping now. Feel a lot better after these few episodes! Will end soon. I’m going to miss this drama.

    • crystal

      yup … me too

  • aaa


    但看到這裡 也不經可憐起她了….


    兩個人都愛得太自私 到底是誰的錯??
    一個放不下自己的感情所以自私 一個不願意委屈自己感情也是一種自私

    只是一個給不起 一個放不下 就搞得玉石俱焚了…

    • Raha

      高緯還是太子的時候就應該封鄭兒為妃, 至少她會認命當個妃子, 也不會傻傻一直追蘭陵王了。而且楊雪舞之前跟鄭兒說她是命定的鄭妃才完全害了她啊, 人家本來已經要放棄了, 沒事跟她說什麼天女預言呢 囧“ 果然古今中外算命師的話都不能聽, 即使是奶奶也會出包啊XD

  • 无聊



    我王威武,吾皇英明。爱宇文邕 … 太酷了!

    小平安不愧是战神的儿子 … 怀着他的母亲摔了这么多次还不能伤了他。
    杨雪舞不愧是天女 … 挺着大肚子都可以跳窗而快跑长途。

    • 无聊

      我擦,应该是 #中国好义士高长恭#

    • 路人甲


      • 无聊


    • LiMin

      Your words are really funny!

      • 无聊

        哈哈 I live to please 😀

    • elaine

      一年後的今天, 我才知道有這蘭陵王, 你的流言太好玩了!