Prince of Lanling (蘭陵王) Episode 33 – 35

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  • Yingtai Chiang

    Chinese clothing for men and women in these period costumes with beautiful silk and amazing embroidery (were invented in China). Chinese clothing for women and men in ancient Chinese dramas look 600 times more beautiful than ugly western tops and skirts and fat dresses which are nothing much. Cinderella has a fat waist that is digitally reduced in the cartoon and using ugly fat manipulative Cinderella dresses.

    Being a prince (or princess) does not necessarily mean somebody is handsome (or not lovely if a female), and those are two different things and other princes may look ugly.

    Some Asian actresses (who make false compliments about the appearance of ugly western women) those Asian actresses may look ugly when whitewashed in a bad way.

    Lan Ling should be insulting those evil and ugly Caucasian pin up women that have chubby thighs, fat asses, using fake statistic, have fat waists, fat shoulders. Caucasian pin up women use digital alteration in fake pictures and videos. Those ugly Caucasian pin up women have ugly figures and ugly faces with elephant noses, have ugly dyed red hair, do not look beautiful.

    90% of Chinese guys who are dating and/or married to Asian Chinese girls (if they are smart and not stupid, should be complimenting their own Chinese Asian people (not everyone but the ones they like in dramas). Asian Chinese people and Asian children should not be taught to become whitewashed and should NOT be making false compliments about the physical appearance of ugly western female actresses who may be rich and spoiled in a bad way. Also, those loud and annoying and bad western advertisements should be deleted if on some other websites and have nothing to do with these Asian websites. You should not be accepting any bribes of $15.00 a month from those foreign ads and should not be wrongfully invading the private space of Chinese guys and girls on Chinese websites about these dramas.

  • Yingtai Chiang

    Chinese Asian actresses that I like are much more skilled in dancing and singing than Nikita Lin. Feng Shao Lin is not skilled at dancing, does not dance as well like that.

    Chinese Asian actresses that I like look more beautiful even when wearing peasants clothing and not dressing up their hair or wearing expensive Chinese robes and using extravagant Chinese hairstyles .

    Chinese male actors that I like (that are in main roles or main supporting roles) can act much better than those evil western male actors (some who try to impose themselves on other countries that do NOT belong to them) who do not look handsome.

    I, Yingtai Tricia Chiang (username) have a more beautiful figure and face than Lan Ling Prince. In episode 12 and 13, the supervisors and directors in Lan Ling Wang should have chosen an actress who is playing a minor role or somebody who is not pretty or somebody else who looks ugly to get insulted so much by Shao Feng’s role. Lan Ling’s love was NOT too selfless at all even though I have watched up to episode 17 and there are 29 many more episodes to watch until number 46.

    Screenwriters for Lan Ling Wang have probably been watching too many ugly western movies or ugly western dramas and that reflects on the quality of Prince of Lan Ling Wang, episode 12 and 13.

  • Yingtai Chiang

    In Prince of Lanling Wang, although the Chinese male actor, Feng Shao Feng is a good actor, the four screenwriters (and director), used a really bad script in episode 12 to try to damage the lovely public reputation of Ariel Lin.
    Feng Shao Feng is quite handsome, is fairly handsome but William Shao Feng is not so beautiful that he has to wear a mask to battle, that is too conceited and not in a cute way either. Chinese male actors that I like (those Asian actors) are more handsome than Feng Shao Feng.
    Other Chinese dramas that I like are consistently really good from the beginning to end of the drama. Meanwhile, Ariel Lin is a beautiful Chinese actress and plays the role of the Heavenly Maiden who worships Lan Ling Wang. Although episodes 1 to 11 started off decently in Lan Ling Wang, then suddenly in episode 12 or 13 and/or14, the screenwriters are so inconsistent and incorrect (Wu Da Wei, Huang Rou Rou, Chen Xiao Hao and Meng Zhi , Director: Chung Shu Kai) to have the fat and ugly “old old grandma” wrongfully and intensively insult Ariel Lin who got bullied by the intruder. Other younger grandmas are nicer and are not mean like this “old old grandma” who was not related by blood and was cleaning and making up Ariel’s bedroom and house. Since Ariel Lin is a pretty Chinese actress in Lan Ling Wang, and obviously is not ugly, that is totally unreasonable for these screenwriters. Those screenwriters make no sense at all to write than this ugly and old grandma incorrectly and offensively say that Ariel Lin (no) does not look good and looks bad but she looks great . Yang Xue Wu has lovely Asian black hair which is the most beautiful. Ariel Lin is medium tall, (as a female) not tall but tall, not short, taller than many, and is 4-5 inches taller than that fat and ugly 85 year old grandma with the white wig who is not slender like the young Seer.

    Then during episode 13(although Ariel Lin did not cheat on Feng Shao Feng and she did not try to beat him up or something worse), that is wrong of the screenwriters to have Lan Ling Prince to compare Ariel Lin (his girlfriend and future wife) unfavorably to Feng Zhao Lin (Mao Nikita Lin). Lan Ling Wang is not fair when sitting at the round table outside in episode 13. Feng Shao Feng does not act like he loves only (not) Yang Xue Wu. Although Feng Zhao Lin (Mao Lin) looks lovelier than some of the other girls who were competing in the contest to become Lan Ling’s wife, Mao Lin is NOT more beautiful in the horrible way that Feng Shao Feng said it, comparing and favoring Mao Lin’s appearance over Ariel Lin.

    As a Chinese Asian girl, I have a much more beautiful figure and lovelier face than Mao Lin. In episode 13, the directors dressed up Mao Lin wearing more expensive and extravagant clothes in a conceited way (not a nice way) to get a highly unfair edge over Yang Xue Wu who wears more modest but nice period costume clothes but not as expensive.

  • fanette

    Am i the only one who hope that xue wu actually light up her fire and kill the king/queen? She died in the end afterall. Save all the drama from ep 36 to 46.

  • anonymous

    Ah why can’t Lan Lin Wang just escape to Zhou and help Yuwen Yong invade Qi and bring peace to the world! Haiz, they really could have been brothers.

  • Lala

    WTF. 没有水了还浇水?!

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  • ohmi


  • JC

    氣炸了! 郑儿死賤人

  • crys

    stupid…who would believe the king…..

  • wretch

    Part 3 – 30:00 – 32:33. Oh my poor heart. 好赞的演技。

  • Jackson Soh

    郑儿 deserved to be raped again … the king so bloody useless … just wonder why lan ling wang and an de wang dont rebell…

  • anonymous

    郑儿 is batshit crazy.

  • final

    Can’t stop my tears, watching ep36 on youtube now. Its heart breaking.

  • Nicole


  • viewer

    the look of 炎亞綸 probably more suitable to be Prince Lanling 😉

    • :D

      Is it cuz he looks like a girl? 😀
      I’m an Aaron fan but I think he looks too girly to be a big general…
      Also Aaron looks too young for the role. Ariel would look like an older sister next to him.

      • :o)

        which is why he wears a mask at battlefields :p

        • :D

          LOL 😀

    • tsk

      totally bullyshit.

  • preview

    episode 36 preview:
    xue wu will be separated with lan ling wang. lan ling wang will order shao dong to bring xue wu to zhou guo yu wen yong to be safe from the queen, the king and queen will make lan ling wang drink poison and he will die. when xue wu wake up he beg shaodong to bring her to lan ling wang.xue wu will be escaping from the people who are trying to capture her.the king dont believe that lan ling wang already is dead so he will stab lan ling wang to make sure he is already dead. while xue wu is escaping she fall from a cliff but was save by a wen and his mom. in the palace everybody was shock that lan ling wang died and there would be a burial ceremony zhenger make this happen so that because of this xue wu will get out from her hiding place so that she can kill her.

    episode 37 preview:
    xue wu was save and was found already pregnant when xue wu awake she discovered lan ling wang was dead she cried and cried she want to die to be with lan ling wang but remembering that she is pregnant with lan ling wang child she didnt do it.shao dong full of injury goes to yu wen yong ang give him a letter from lan ling wang. after knowing what happen to xue wu yu wen yong decided to go to qi guo and find xue wu and save her. the king killed his father and now killed lan ling wang his emotions is unstable during those time zhenger is the only person he can believe to. the queen ordered some men to search for xue wu.a wen mom tell xue wu where lan ling wang grave is. xue wu despite with her condition she want to see lan ling wang grave.

    episode 38 preview:
    xue wu promise to be brave and will bring their child. the queen came, capturing xue wu and will kill her but yu wen yong came and save xue wu.while escaping in order to escape safety shaodong sacrifice his life so he died. yu wen yong bring xue wu to zhou guo discovering that she is pregnant xue wu beg him to save her child. in qi guo palace the king wants not to kill xue wu anymore zheng er agree with the king but she ordered that xue wu should be killed. after lan ling wang died zheng er had been making the king drink a drug that make the king sleep and during those times she will leave the palace and go to a place.upon awaking xue wu found out shaodong died she was so sad and hurt. in order to protect xue wu yu wen yong make xue wu his fei妃. in qi guo an de wang was so sad so he keep on drinking.xue wu prayed for qi guo and for lan ling wang and shaodong.a palace servant came to measure her to make clothing for her to wear in zhou guo.

  • observer

    These short sighted people. Killing the general is essentially committing suicide. Imagine how happy the neighbouring countries will be once the general is dead. Can’t wait to invade this country!

    • yeah

      Heh I was full on cheering for Yuwen Yong to just invade Qi country and get rid of the evil tyrant emperor & empress.

      History (and this drama) says Yuwen Yong does do that eventually so you betcha I’ll be sitting in front of my screen waiting for that beautiful moment to come.

  • Guest

    真是宁天下人负我,不可我负天下人阿! 和岳飞一样的愚!

    • 无奈


  • Final

    I’m trying to separate acting for real life, but find it hard not to hate the evil bitch. She looks plastic and fake.

    • agree

      i get what you mean cuz i can’t stand looking at her.
      she looks plastic and fake to me too.

  • 冯叔演技一流。从未看过他演苦情戏,但今次真是大开眼界。果然是实力派。

    • 同感


  • 232

    蘭陵王會死嗎? 演到第幾集結束 ?

    • 1


      • cindy

        不會因為依晨會代替/保護蘭陵王的死… 🙁 *聽說*

  • bb

    好賤 好殘忍

  • piyo

    Tai-Zi is on a major power trip. Haha…

  • che

    really? well i think the king still has a bit of human conscience. the solution is to get rid of the problem. ahem…those two by his side need to be gone eternally. if you put good people next to the king, i’m sure he can make a great king.

  • mandy


  • final

    Wish its a happy ending even if it means not according to history!

  • final

    I’ve searched everywhere for the ending. At least he doesn’t die, but she does. I am feeling very empty.

    • Aimikomi

      No one knows of the ending because it has not aired yet. All those are speculations.

      • sigh

        lol its not gonna be far from history tho

      • >_<

        But that’s how the tie-in novel ended.

        I hope for a miracle where they give us an extra bit at the end that says she survives, but I doubt it will happen because dramas like these like to end tragically. The scriptwriters believe that it will make the series more memorable (but I think they’re wrong).

  • viv

    seriously!!! why believe this king!!!! he’s not worth your full trust.. haihz.. and now you have to suffer.. what the heck!!!! urgghh

  • 无奈


    • 路人甲


      • 无奈


  • Ariel

    Thank God he won’t die!!! Or my heart will break.

  • FFS just kill the evils

    Good grief are all people so blindly loyal back on the old days? Prince Lanling shouldn’t be preparing to accept his death and believe that the evil Emperor will actually keep his word (as if he would – he’d just become even more of a tyrant with Lanling gone!), Lanling should be planning with Prince Ande on how to storm the palace and kill the evil Emperor, the evil Empress, and the evil minister instead! With these 3 evils alive, the soldiers and the people are just gonna suffer! Why not just kill these evil scum and save the people from their tyranny?

    Even the Emperor of their neighboring (and former enemy) country, Yuwen Yong, respects Prince Lanling and laments the fact that the evil scum are torturing the Qi country’s people. Even if Prince Lanling doesn’t want to be Emperor, let Prince Ande take the throne and Lanling can stay a high-ranking general/court official, and form an alliance treaty with Zhou for truce. Then the people of BOTH countries wouldn’t have to die needlessly because of wars and famine!

    Good grief I swear, watching this drama just makes me pissed off. If not for the fact I want to finish what I started watching, I would’ve quit this drama and save myself the stress.

    • sheesh

      It’s like they’re making Lanling into another Yue Fei and we all know how THAT ended. 😐

    • sheesh

      What makes it worse is that the good generals and court officials, the troops, and the people are loyal to Lanling anyway! So why not just start a rebellion and rid the world of evil?

    • Limin

      Because this is a history film. They are not to change the China History.

      • lol

        LOL this is an idol drama with SOME reference to history (and they screwed up the history in so many places already LOL, like in the dialog, etc.).

        If we go by Chinese history, Lanling dies from poison and his wife becomes a nun for the rest of her life, so the fact that the scriptwriters make Lanling survive but his wife dies instead already changes history.

        Of course if the scriptwriters actually made Lanling rebel, there wouldn’t be enough story to last 46 episodes so no way will that happen haha

  • final

    so sad!!!!

  • Sherlinq


    • alfredo.

      dont like when that evil emperor n empress,

      • Sherlinq

        yeah me too :/ kinda hate them…~__~