Prince of Lanling (蘭陵王) Episode 30 – 32

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Tipster Rednimer
  • 太子可真像三国里的阿斗 —— 一样没用

  • LOL

    鄭兒真是瘋子…. 超可怕的

  • KL

    風流少帥 哈哈哈 真可愛

  • 和iafsak

    妖后。可是毛琳琳能演的如此被人憎恨,在戏里左看右看上看下看,都非常惹人厌,尤其是那嘴脸,看了好像甩她几个巴掌, 能让人气得吐血砸电视,那她的演技可说很好。但,很可惜的是,对她的第一印象就是个可恶及可憎的妖后了。很难摆脱这可形象。

  • Eva


  • sophy


  • guest

    the hair and makeup makes me hate her more

  • OhMy

    the taizi looks like a mental blowfish

  • cc

    I think 毛琳琳 is such a good actress, and i admire her acting so much! U guys are furious because of her excellent performing which is just the way it suppoed to be,she is really doing a good job in this drama, and so that we can learn how mean and cruel 鄭兒 was !i mean who else is suitable or better in this role?

  • JC

    Die Zheng Er Die!! You psycho bitch! She makes me so angry!

  • sad

    The sad part is coming lan ling wang and xue wu will be separated from each other

  • Nicole

    不會到最後一集那個妖女還會出現吧 有點看不下去了!!!

    • 哈哈

      会的,因为她最后才会死 可是她现在死比较好哈哈!!!!!!!!

      • 如果贱妖女死早一点就不会有一大队人被她害死。

  • Re

    what’s wrong this woman??? she is super psycho??

    • Pico

      被害妄想 you are so right!

  • piyo

    Poor 太子, easy swayed by others around him, always being used as a puppet. He has absolutely no potential in becoming an emperor but doesn’t recognize that. Yet, he continues to make dumb choices because he longs for his father’s approval. Sigh. P.S. that fortune teller guy needs to go to hell, he is so full of shit. Zen Er too, someone needs to find her a room in a mental facility.

  • tiff


  • Min

    你们有没有觉得那个郑儿也就是毛琳琳的脸有点僵硬不自然啊 似乎可能是有微整形过头的感觉 我自己个人的感觉啦

    • 同感


  • Min

    我要莲子 我要红枣 我要那那那那那那。。。。。 最后只剩下汤给我 哈哈哈哈笑死我了!

  • Ooo


  • blooper

    LOL the emperor’s leg moved by itself even when he’s already supposed to be dead (when Tai Zi held the emperor’s body)

  • kill the evils

    You know what the biggest tragedy of this series is? It’s the fact that the evil Gao Wei, Zheng Er, and Zu Ting are allowed to live so long.
    Prince Lanling should’ve killed Gao Wei, Zheng Er, and Zu Ting and then take over as King of Qi himself. Then he can form alliance/trade agreement with King of Zhou Yuwen Yong and then the land will be peaceful and the people of both countries can live peaceful lives.

    Or Prince Lanling could’ve just killed Gao Wei, Zheng Er, and Zu Ting and rid the people of suffering, then let his brother Prince Ande take the throne. Then he and Xue Wu can live a quiet and peaceful life and still help with country matters like the way they do before Gao Wei became King.

    That fucking Zheng Er bitch gets uglier with each episode. I also have to skip through all her parts because looking at her makes me sick.

    • 同感


  • Nikia

    Which ep is Zheng Er going to die in, Ill watch that part for sure!

    • long wait

      final episode

      • Guest3

        Huh serious she lived so long? 🙁

        • Szesze

          就是啊怎麼也死不去 有沒有這麼命大啊!

        • sigh

          unfortunately yes 🙁

  • lilall

    quickly go find a mental hospital for zheng er to go!!! there’s definitely something wrong with her thinking!!! haihz… i hate to see her in this drama!!! T.T

  • Guest


  • final

    The feeling is mutual.

  • Guest

    Love this series but have to skip all of 鄭兒’s part.

  • 山东发生地


    • Vicky


  • Viv

    haihz… tai zi is actually not a bad person.. just the people around him that is bad that makes him like this… haihz… if we think it another way, he’s quite a pity guy…

    • Lee

      He IS a bad person. Who on earth would kill their own father?

  • pl

    天啊,怎麼鄭兒的戲份那麼多啊! >_<

    • 無奈


    • guest


      • sigh


  • vivi

    zheng er -.-

  • Sherlinq