Prince of Lanling (蘭陵王) Episode 28 – 29

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  • AK

    蝙蝠撞門 會看不到???這劇也太不合理

  • Kristina

    I need english subtitles!!! Don”t know chineese that good!))

  • 哈哈哈


  • guest

    the scriptwriter is a sadist

  • ii


  • mandy


  • jennifer


  • Guest


    • 030


  • ending

    Tai zi will kill his own father and will become the king then zheng er will became the queen and she will do bad things, many bad things will happen to xue wu then she will be save again by yu wen yong discovering that she is pregnant lan ling wang will be killed because tai zi will order him to drink poison but because zheng er love him to much she will save him secretly.xue wu was in zhou guo and had heard the news that lan ling wang is dead she was so sad but she struggle and become very brave to continue her life so she gave birth to their child everyone though that lan ling wang is dead but lan ling wang has successfully escape but hiding his identity. qi guo is in danger because tai zi is not a good ruler and yu wen yong has plan to invade qi guo lan ling wang secretly seeing xue wu and his child but he can’t let his identity be revealed so he purposely let xue wu not identify him due to his love to his country he is trying very hard to fight against zhou guo in the end the last ep lan ling wang will not die but xue wu will die by saving him from a arrow. zhou guo invaded qi guo and after several years yu wen yong will also die and thats the ending.

    • Aimikomi

      Where did you get this info from? I don’t believe that’s the ending

      • Arissa

        I don’t want xue wu to die 🙁

      • Michelle Tan

        but that is the ending, I know its sad..

      • Patty


      • >_<

        It’s the info all over Chinese websites. There was a tie in novel to this series and that’s what happens in the novel. Except in the novel Xue Wu is hinted to have died (more like an open ending), but in the TV series, it actually shows Xue Wu dying in LLW’s arms (according to the info on Chinese websites).

      • Snow

        If that’s the ending…I’m going to stop watching and just wait for the last episode…

      • B

        Info found in almost all chinese website i think they would not post it if it is wrong.

    • a

      Don’t think it’s accurate because the show hasn’t even aired finish, and why must you post on every ep comment.

      • B

        According to the per episode summary found in almost all chinese website that is what would happen and I think it is quite accurate because every episode summary is running the same with the show. I just posted it again because someone is asking for it.

  • Che

    omg they did not just do that to an innocent kid. that’s so cruel! I hope everyone else stays safe and those 3 evils go down! btw can someone tell me how often this airs? Thanks in advance

    • ling

      Everyday 🙂

    • schedule

      3 episodes every day on weekdays
      2 episodes every day on weekends
      series finishes airing on aug 30

    • 1123456


  • Viv

    the evils are back!! T.T