Prince of Lanling (蘭陵王) Episode 26 – 27

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  • Grace Ng

    I love yuwenyong and xuewu together because of the way he looks at her like he really loves her. He always looks so cold and emotionless as a king but when he looks at xuewu it totally changes and you can see the warmth in there.

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  • amanda


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  • teo ying

    which king will risk his life without protection to save a girl?! YU WEN YONG IS THE BEST!! kekeke im liking yu wen yong more than lan ling wang ><

  • jess

    omgggg!!! the yuwenyong is such a nice guy!!! argh!!! even thou i love FSF!!! but >< and at some diff angles, daniel look like jimmy lin!!!

  • C

    OMG… that moment when xuewu just ran to lanlingwang after the bandits attacked both lanlingwang and yuwenyong T^T yuwenyong was the one who was hurt more… T^T although im still a lanlingwang and xuewu supporter, but thats so heart wrenching. T^T

  • Guest

    STOP BLAMING ZHENG’ ER!!!! No matter what she do, Lan Ling Wang shouldn’t fall for it but he was ANNOYING enough to like her sooooooooooooooo much, so technically, it’s all Lan Ling Wang’s fault.

    I can forgive and be careless that Lan Ling Wang is INCONSISTENLTY stupid (it’s possible for people to be like that) but for Xue Wu to be sooo annoying to forgive him like that (I don’t call that forgiving anyway, maybe she just don’t have a place to go to and doesn’t want to remarry so she pretends to act like nothing happen)….is a really wrong action, that action DOES NOT SOLVE PROBLEM and Lan Ling Wang will run away freely and never learn his lesson, so….how come he’s not guilty either that her just forgave him easily??? that doesn’t make any sense.

    anyway, everything was so good until it got to this and turned me into a “LAN LING WANG + XW HATER” that I have no choice but to quit the drama half way, so disappointed, but the writer really sucks, not to be mean. so, writer, please learn your mistake if you want to gain lovely audiences. :'(

  • yuki

    鄭兒 虽然可恶之极,但强奸那段 也太渲染了

  • unknown

    lol i can’t stop staring at Yu Wen Yong’s forehead

  • 這雞巴真的很賤

    看到鄭兒陰謀敗露被抛棄被獵人強姦的樣子,我就忍不住開始打飛機。哦。。。哦。。。 哦。。。鄭兒,就讓我來強姦你吧!哈哈哈哈哈哈哈!

  • poppy

    Everyone have forgot that Xuewu is so happy with Lanling Wang but not with 宇文邕

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  • Whyohwhy

    Xuewu is soooo annoying T.T Why does she forgive so easily? Lanling Wang’s apology does not reconcile all the sufferings that she’s gone through!!

  • Emm

    Yuwen yong is definitely the better choice for Xuewu. He is willing to go way outside of his comfort zone to make her happy. He went against all his personal beliefs and acted according to his heart for her. That’s not what Lan ling wang did..

  • iequinn

    Dude that rape scene was a bit over….. also incredibly cliche….

  • e04

    宇文邕和楊雪舞都救過各自的命 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • truth

    To everyone hating Prince Lanling, blame the scriptwriter, not the character. There are several scriptwriters (including the main scriptwriter) in this series, so the only explanation for Lanling’s sudden stupidity in episodes 20-27 is because of the script. The series was originally written to be 35 episodes, but later extended to 46 episodes (longer series make more money). Which is why the first 19 episodes had a fast pace and tight story, but then 20-27 dragged along with the crappy love triangle plot (like with Zheng Er and everything) – the TV ratings for these 8 episodes also dropped from the high ratings of the previous episodes because audience got sick of the crap storyline and Lanling’s sudden change of character.

    After Lanling drinks poison, he was supposed to die like he did in history, but the scriptwriter(s) had to extend the series to make 46 episodes so that’s why there’s all this “Lanling survives but Xue Wu had to hide in Zhou country” storyline. This storyline also gives the scriptwriter a chance to add more Yuwen Yong/Xue Wu scenes. If you keep watching you’ll notice that Lanling has less scenes during this part of the story because the focus has switched to Yuwen Yong and Zhou country.

    If you look closely, you’ll notice a lot of strange editing during these few episodes, especially the bit in episode 27 where the barbarian kisses Xue Wu and Lanling seems to have a weird expression on his face (that shot was added back in after). As exposed by netizens, many scenes were edited back in afterwards because filming was supposed to have been completed earlier and they had to get actors to come back to film more scenes to extend to 46 episodes. Netizens have found repeated shots and even showed screencaps to prove it.

    (And no, I didn’t make this up. This stuff is all over weibo and the internet.)

    • hn

      Note how the contrast/colors switch between light and dark in episode 27 at strange intervals

    • lomlom

      wheres the scene where the barbarian kisses xue wu?

  • summary

    Tai zi will kill his own father and will become the king then zheng er will became the queen and she will do bad things, many bad things will happen to xue wu then she will be save again by yu wen yong discovering that she is pregnant lan ling wang will be killed because tai zi will order him to drink poison but because zheng er love him to much she will save him secretly.xue wu was in zhou guo and had heard the news that lan ling wang is dead she was so sad but she struggle and become very brave to continue her life so she gave birth to their child everyone though that lan ling wang is dead but lan ling wang has successfully escape but hiding his identity. qi guo is in danger because tai zi is not a good ruler and yu wen yong has plan to invade qi guo lan ling wang secretly seeing xue wu and his child but he can’t let his identity be revealed so he purposely let xue wu not identify him due to his love to his country he is trying very hard to fight against zhou guo in the end the last ep lan ling wang will not die but xue wu will die by saving him from a arrow. zhou guo invaded qi guo and after several years yu wen yong will also die and thats the ending.

    • Snow

      I totally dislike the ending! -.-

      • Aimikomi

        Is that really the ending? I really don’t think that is the ending

        • >_<

          I hate this ending too but unfortunately it’s true (according to online spoilers)

          • Verdiani

            Haha! love your explanation about the directors. But I believe many people (or probably everyone) are not actually dying for XW and YWY to be together. The only reason for wanting to see XW and YWY is only because LLW became a disgusting idiot, if he wasn’t like that then people are actually hoping to see a happy XW with LLW. Who ever came of with the last half of the story really spoiled the drama when it already started out good.

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  • Kiki

    i don’t mean to spoil it but Zhen er is gonna do much more worse things later on! She will become the queen! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I think this drama has a sad ending…since lanling Wang has to die…

    • Rush

      LanLing Wang didn’t die because Zhen Er swopped the poison which only made his heart stop function temporarily….He is alive and hidden under a dungeon by Zheng Er who didn’t want him to be dead…..She also keeps poisoning the Prince intermittently so that she can go to the dungeon to see Zheng Er…This time, Lanling Wang is getting smart to deceive Zheng Er and await for escape…..he made it…

      • sigh

        but then poor xue wu didn’t which just sucks 🙁


    am confused because lan ling wang is supposed to be the main character of this show right? but they made the other male lead’s character so much better.

    • shrug

      You definitely aren’t the only one confused! Many of the audience have been saying online why didn’t they just call this series “King of Zhou” instead because the script makes Yuwen Yong a better character than Lanling Wang!

      Then again, there were all these rumors online about how the scriptwriter was using this series as a chance to promote the 2nd male lead…. But I don’t know how true these rumors are….

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    • bb

      恩 說的很對。

  • yunaaaaaaa

    LanLing never even sacrifice anything for Xue Wu other than the poison arrow but it’s not entirely Xue Wu’s fault. Xue Wu did so much to save him, love him, and make him happy. 宇文邕, on the other hand, is a good king and even made a compromise with the other kingdom for peace. He’s awesome a great father and great husband. He went hunting for that plant till he’s almost dead. Even when he was tired as hell, he still put Xue Wu as his first priority and always missed her.

    Yet LanLing would choose to believe some girl that he just met and not Xue Wu, the girl that saved his life multiple times and sacrifice so many things for him. She can’t ever see her grandma again because of him!

    Xue Wu also faced so much pain because of LanLing. That Zheng Er just want LanLing, if Xue Wu was with 文邕, she would be happy and peaceful because the queen of Zhou didn’t seem to be as evil, nasty, disgusting, and ugly as that Zheng Er.

    Wow 文邕 is the ideal man anyone would dream of lol. First, since he’s the king, everyone would want to be in his favor. He sacrificed his life to save this girl and switch a pearl that worth millions or even billions to save Xue Wu. Yet what’s sad is while he’s out in nature hunting to save her, she’s screaming 四爷 and even dreams about him. Xue Wu! Get to your senses!

    Although I know Xue Wu will end up with LanLing, I still want to rage how much better 文邕 is. He have the ideal personality except the 玉兔 part where he captured that group…but hey when you’re at war, you kill and he’s the king lol I don’t blame him. When it comes to love, he’s the idea man.

    Sorry this is long post. But I have to rage. GO 宇文邕 and 雪舞!

    • Ying

      I see your frustration….poor Daniel. 🙁

    • Snow

      I think Yuwen Yong is planning to attack the other kingdom later on in the show. But I do agree that he seems like he became a better man for Xue Wu. I would be sad if Xue Wu died at the end…

      • Rush

        She was shot the poisoned arrow…..according to the novel…宇文 邕 also died later….I was wondering the crush 宇文邕 has on 雪舞 whether he just wanted her to make him more powerful to be the king….or from the bottom of his heart to love…In addition, good thing is Zheng Er died right before 雪舞’s dead…..hurray

  • Tiff

    I love 宇文邕 and I love 雪舞.

  • yunaaaaaaa

    awwwwwwwwww 宇文邕! MARRY ME <3

    • loll

      uhhh.. excuse me, he has to marry MEEEEEEEEE <3<3<3 AHHHHHHHH jkjk….

  • yunaaaaaaa

    Zheng Er deserves it! I can finally watch an episode happily.
    Why did Tai Zi save her? WOWOW Just ruined my happiness

    • Aimikomi

      Because Tai Zi likes her xD

  • 我爱宇文邕


    • agree

      they should give Yuwen Yong his own show
      i’d watch that in a heartbeat

  • Area

    Not sure why but why that zheng er didn’t die? And now she still have the cheeks to ask 1st prince for revenge when she is the that spoil other people family. And the drama shouldn’t have the bg music of jiajia when the zheng er wanna suicide. Not worth it at all as the song should be dedicate for xue wu only. Yu wenyou is such a caring man towards xue wu even allow himself to save xue wu and lanling wang should just learn from him and stop hurting her.

    • Yuwen Yong is the best

      Definitely JiaJia’s song should not be spoiled on an evil bitch like Zheng Er. URGH yuck what an insult to a great song. *VOMIT*

      Yuwen Yong is fast becoming my favorite character in the whole series. They should give him more screen time instead of polluting my screen with that disgusting Zheng Er bitch. I have to skip all the parts with her in it just to preserve my eyes.

    • yunaaaaaaa

      I totally agree with you wooow lol everything you said is what i believe 😀

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  • kerry


    • Cocopuff

      看宣传片说,陈晓东对粘假发得胶水过敏,所以才会这这样吧。每天顶着allergic rxt 拍戏真的很辛苦

    • shanshan

      yeah episode 27 around 21:57 the hairline was really bad. So Bad I also suspect it had to be allergic reaction. Poor Chen Xiao Don!

  • guest


  • pink

    yu wen yong…T.T
    hw could she….T.T

  • kk

    i rather yang xuewu and the zhou king be together then with lanling wang!!!
    lanling wand dosent deserve xuewu!!!

  • chelle

    I’ve been waiting for this!! thanks for the upload

  • Tina

    first ! yeahhh