Prince of Lanling (蘭陵王) Episode 17 – 19

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Allen

    So what 婚禮只是個儀式, 拜高堂,拜天地也不能夠保證幸福美滿的婚姻。就妳這個妖女鄭兒愛蘭陵王愛到死去活來憑妳這副德性也無法獲得他的愛。 話該鄭兒妳的個性害死妳 !

  • M

    哇噻 ! 那畫真的畫對了, 雪舞給蘭陵王生了個兒子。不幸的是雪舞先走了, 未能達成一家三口聚在一起的團圓畫 !

  • :(

    why is there no subtitles???? i’m not familier with the language. plx someone do something about it 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • E

    幹 好浪漫啊<3

  • HI

    太好笑了 雪舞尖叫

  • C

    Ep17 is really nice. Yu Wenyong is a nice person. A person who will give up the girl he loves because he knows that she doesn’t belong to him, is really a nice guy.

  • Eva


  • wss


  • A

    After days of hard work as a slave, Zheng Er’s eye makeup is still so

  • hahaha

    episode 19 – they have so many chickens and yet they cannot afford to eat meat ?!?

  • hahara

    has anyone realized that the actor of 老王 is the same as the kidnappers in the original 还珠格格..?

  • observer

    I can understand why they reserve the original voice of Ariel Lin. She has delivered her dialogues with full of emotion and remarkable performance. It would be a pity to dub her voice.

  • 123

    那4個禮部女生走路有喜感 .

  • Emm

    Episode 17th is really good. Heart wrenching and so real. Such raw emotions. When you are torn between love and selfishness, only true love will be able to rescue you from making a wrong choice. May all the lovers in the world be blessed with eternal bliss and be spared from the pain of loss.

  • wretch

    阿土和冰儿好可爱 《3

    • final

      especially when he had to yell to sell those eggs!! I’ve rewatched this drama so many times, but don’t find it boring! Just don’t like the ending, they could have let them both live.

      • koko

        thanks for the spoiler alert.

  • ryry

    i thought they would just leave the slaves to die if they got then sickness. but why are they sent away for check up?

    • ryry

      ahh okok they werent sent to the doc. lols. i commented too fast. hahaha.

  • bb

    演的好恐怖喔 = =

    • M


  • yunaaaaaaa

    wtf I don’t wanna see Zheng Er I don’t wanna watch this drama anymore with so much zheng er. So disgusting -_- Why can’t they have a better competitor against Xue Wu? I might just stop watching the drama because I like how Xue Wu and Si Ye is as of now. <3 the cute lil couple

    • Emm

      Totally agreed. That ugly girl is SUCH a PEST! UGHH!! Stupid ugly girl.

  • Leng

    I’m so addicted to this drama!

  • illusionist


  • guest

    wth, he doesn’t belong to you, bitch

  • Chrissl

    Can’t watch it:(

  • Aimikomi

    Can they just get rid of Zheng Er lol Like now!

    • >_<

      that Zheng Er bitch needs to die
      so damn fake
      i hated her on sight and now i hate her even more >:(
      why didn’t she die thru fire, plague and everything?
      she’s harder to kill than a cockroach
      so many innocent ppl die cuz of her

      • Aimikomi

        Does anyone know if her character has any huge significance? From the opening she seems to change into some royal

        • >_<

          Zheng Er murders a maid and steals her identity, and then becomes Feng Xiaolian, the evil royal consort and eventual empress of Gao Wei (the evil crown prince who kills his dad and takes the throne and is the one who makes Prince of Lanling drink poison).

          According to history, the fall of the Northern Qi dynasty is because of her influence on Gao Wei (he was evil already, but she made him worse) and many good people were killed by them. Not long after Lanling’s death, Yuwen Yong destroys Northern Qi and unites the Northern Zhou and Qi countries. The Gao family are mostly slaughtered and Xiaolian is gifted to Yuwen Da who favored her. She murders the wife of Yuwen Da, but when Yang Jian (the black robed person in episode 1 who visited Grandma for the prophecy) usurped the throne from the Yuwen family and founded the Sui dynasty, Yang Jian gifted Xiaolian to the brother of Yuwen Da’s wife. The brother’s mother (mother of the woman she murdered) made her become a maid and Xiaolian couldn’t handle it so she killed herself.

          But the story is a bit different in this series because they made Zheng Er turn into Feng Xiaolian. In this series, she tries to break up Lanling and Xue Wu at all costs and tries to take Lanling for herself. She destroys a lot of good people and this series changed historical events (but I won’t say more cuz of spoilers)…

          • Aimikomi

            Thanks for the info! I guess we will be seeing Zheng Er for a long while lol

          • >_<

            You’re welcome 😀
            Unfortunately yes. We’ll be seeing her all the way till the finale. Which sucks cuz just seeing her makes me feel sick and angry >_<

          • Aimikomi

            Seriously I want her character be rid of in the middle of the series lol Uggghhhhh

          • >_<

            Like I said: this bitch needs to die. Watching the series is becoming unhealthy cuz of all the rage raising my blood pressure. Sadly the bitch doesn’t die (she’s harder to kill than cockroaches) till the last episode so we’re all gonna have to suffer all the way to the end *SIGH*

  • Viv

    ahhh… the zheng er is starting to show her real self now!!! no!!!!

  • cindy li

    its awesome

  • eng