Prince of Lanling (蘭陵王) Episode 07 – 09

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Jenny

    四爷 really is. 美少男. 和雪舞很登对!好戏!

  • 兰陵后

    宇文邕: 。。。扯朕的后腿。。。
    这是以前的文法吗? 哈哈哈。。

  • Sleander girl

    回guest:哈!我笑瘋了xDDD 還有我發現我以前的名字打錯了,所有都拼錯了
    OAO 要打Sleander girl 結果打錯了=__=!

  • guest


  • guest


  • i am sorry

    lol i keep thinking of ariel as her character in iswak andddddd everytime she does something smart I am taken aback

  • Josie


  • Troll Face

    Lemon King

  • observer

    He is allergic to the hair glue. You can tell from the red rashes on the forehead.

  • Sin Ying

    I can see his wig very cleary around 4.28 in part 1. Haha

  • Emm

    OMG lols his expression was so funny when he admitted the soup tasted like shit.. lolsss!

  • 李斯德林

    四爺清醒後如果發現解藥是被兩個人漱過口而得來的, 應該非常後悔被救, 甚至想死…….. 就算不死, 那也至少會用上整整兩大瓶李斯德林……

    • OMG


  • derp derp

    吃雞湯的表情, 倆個人, 也太有愛了好嘛

  • YumeiXx

    药要经过两个人的口里才能到他的口啊 ?(So the medicine has to go through two people’s mouth before it gets to his? lol)

    • wretch

      Lol so he indirectly kiss him =DDDD

  • 1123456


  • Patty


  • Min


    • Leo

      especially the on in that minecraft costume