The Perfect Match (極品絕配) Episode 22 The End

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夜市女王衛芬青VS 星級主廚霍廷恩

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  • Lynn6

    TE’s friend is the BEST … funny and very sincere .. always looking after TE’s interest no matter!

  • peacie21

    for like the fiftieth time, sanlih, recipes cant be patented.
    also this show was such a disappointment overall :/

  • 李長法

    wait, so is this not the actual ending? cos the preview is like the roles reversed

  • dramaqueen

    Happy. Ending😘 Pride diversifies a person’s heart ❤️, but humility unites a person’s heart ❤️ . I like his friend – a friend in need is a friend indeed. 3 cheers to Taiwanese drama. Great actors and actresses for this drama. Keep up the good acting.