The Perfect Match (極品絕配) Episode 20

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夜市女王衛芬青VS 星級主廚霍廷恩

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  • peacie21

    …this drama became super boring over the last three episodes. even the masked lover is better than this now. :/

  • Lynn6

    why is TE leaving FQ at this point? He thinks that he is not as suitable as SW?? FQ’s mum has not told him off yet but I gather that he must have found out the connection between his dad and FQ’s dad and unilateral decided for himself …

    • Yohan Tanoko

      I think he already put the pieces together then decided to end things with WFQ.

    • 李長法

      to extend the drama by a couple of episodes haha

  • dramaqueen

    Will they get together? It is a sad episode.

    • 李長法

      you know they will. taiwan drama will always find a way for everyone to have a happy ending. theres only been one drama where it didnt really have a happy ending. 我的自由年代 was the only drama ive seen where there really wasnt a happy ending