The Perfect Match (極品絕配) Episode 11

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夜市女王衛芬青VS 星級主廚霍廷恩

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  • kekeke

    when are the episodes uploaded for this website? Is it every friday?

    • AT


  • ….

    The acting skills of that David guy sucks! if i were him, i probably will be sobbing while talking to my gf’s brother about the loved one who passed away.

  • Vicky Chan

    really happy that ting en have a nice buddy like xiao bin!! (: supporting and helping him (: dont really like tian zhi’s gf.. nice to see ting en and fen qing!! (:

  • Lynn6

    Love the chemistry between TE and FQ … next episode we have FQ and Gina moving in to stay with the family .. so strange!!


    Why this 2 week can’t watch ep10 & ep11 at this website???

  • dodo

    Xiao Bin never stops to amuse me in every episode. Lol…good job.
    it is hard to come by such a good buddy and partner in life.

    • peacie21

      ikr the role is super well constructed.

  • peacie21

    after a week of just for you, watching this is like a breath of fresh air. it’s so much better.

    • 李長法

      yeah this show is so much better and interesting to me. granted its probably cos its not as long haha

      • peacie21

        just for you is alr pushing 50… most 8pm dramas end around 60 so i have no idea wth they’re holding out for.