The Perfect Match (極品絕配) Episode 10

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夜市女王衛芬青VS 星級主廚霍廷恩

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Sue

    I am having a lot of trouble watching this episode. It won’t load 🙁

  • Joycelyn

    I hate it when TE grabbed FQ by her shirt. Even if he was agitated and felt everyone was poking in his affairs, doing so instinctively is too violent to a girl.

  • Ah I really do love the bromance between XB and TE

  • I really ship TE and FQ… but looking at SW listening to FQ talk about TE makes me sad too

  • Lynn6

    With TE’s ability .. i think he should leave tbe restaurant and opens his own instead of being subject to pressure from family squabbling!!

    preview looks good – Let TE’s mum be upset!!

    • kk

      I have a feeling that he is going to leave the restaurant soon and build a new one with Fen Qing~

  • 吱吱

    Love this episode!