The Perfect Match (極品絕配) Episode 07

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夜市女王衛芬青VS 星級主廚霍廷恩
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Tipster Rednimer
  • i know this applies to the previous episode, but whoo, now that is a surprise confession

  • tkl

    Did the assistant just tell her (Fen Qing) over the phone that her ANATA (Huo Ting En) is troubled??

    loll… anata is darling or husband in Japanese.

    • oh lol, at first I thought you were just dropping japanese in there for lols (in your comment), but now I get it

  • uh…

    so they had sex the other night?

  • yes

    i mentioned this in last episode but i want to say this again. Xiao Bin is so adorable and such a good friend to Ting En.

  • bb

    Cross shows? could it be part of the advertisement due to poor review rate of the other drama?

    • Danny Liew

      They already did for that thug leader rong lao da when HTE play fork with him

      • bb

        at least the thug leader (loan shark) formed part of the storyline. this Wu Ping Ann came out of no where and I don’t see the purpose of wasting the 2 minutes.

  • peacie21

    7 eps and they’re not done with 7 days

  • peacie21

    how many sanlih shows have been filmed at this little creek lol

  • peacie21

    omggg cross between shows!!the best easter egg for easter