Never Forget Then (這些年那些事) Episode 07

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時光任苒,當我們憶起遙遠的「這些年」, 印象彷彿是個風雨飄搖、物質貧乏的年代; 可當時的人們,卻在艱困中仍充滿希望, 年輕人在懵懂中摸索、向著明日前進, 年長者在生活中掙扎、努力安身立命。 大時代背景下所不為人知的「那些事」, 有著多元族群的風俗扞格、也有本省與外省的融合共生, 既是眷村落地生根的的溫馨往事、也是福爾摩沙風土的人文之美; 這段分隔兩岸六十年之久的歷史斷片, 值得我們力邀兩岸觀眾共同回味這一段時代記憶……
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  • 李長法

    im really confused by the lead actress’ father’s reaction towards jia jun. one moment he wants his daughter to stay away from him, the next moment, he ok with him and thinks hes a really good kid. was he just putting on an act for the mom?