Mr. Right Wanted (徵婚啟事) Episode 20 The End

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  • zebrahsu

    I would choose Rich guy who loves me…must be realistic in this life!! I know true love is sweet but without money u can’t do anything….. Love doesn’t buys u 3 meals a day everyday for the rest of your life. I have many friends ended up divorced because of money trouble 🙁 I am not saying u have to be very rich but at least can look after your family comfortablely. Just my humble option x

  • Chung

    Don’t like the ending as well. She fell in love with the rich guy first, how come it ended up with the younger guy. Not quite logic.

  • Shan


  • Lynn6

    The ending is a bit disappointing because it is rushed .. really did not have to wait till the last part of the last episode to bring the couple together and in snapshots “tiny” screens.

    • jtlt

      True the couple didn’t have much screen time together, but I think this drama is not a typical idol drama, as seen from the interviews with the director/cast. It’s supposed to focus on the many different *and often confusing* views people have on romance. I enjoyed the ending tremendously because I savored the process in which Hai Ning realized that love didn’t need much rationality and we often find it in the most unexpected places. The little snippet which showed Hai Ning and Zhong Wen together was not overly saccharinely sweet and I think was supposed to represent only a new beginning, and nothing more. 🙂 Very apt!

  • jtlt

    LOVED this show. Absolute gem in the T-drama world. Great filmography, screenplay, acting, directing, good chemistry between the cast members… the whole thing flowed perfectly from beginning till the end. Maybe because it’s based on a book? It is also a great commentary on modern-day relationships, and the myriad of views on relationships. Wow. I think this show is one of my T-drama favs, along with In Time with You and The Way We Were. Very classy show. And not to forget, superbly luscious soundtrack.

    • lulu

      I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE SOUNDTRACK! The screenplay and the song choices are perfectly fit for each scene. I was really surprised that there are not many people watching this T-drama!

  • feww

    H: No
    M: Yes
    H: No
    M: No


  • Amber


  • disappointed

    don’t like the ending

    • Steph

      why don’t you like it? I thought it was pretty good, could have more closure but at least everyone got a happy ending 😀 I prefer zhong wen to that rich guy to be honest.

    • Disappointed 2

      Don’t like it also 🙁