Mr. Right Wanted (徵婚啟事) Episode 06

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Tipster Rednimer
  • anoy

    THE BACKGROUND SOUND IS IRRITATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please fix it thanks z

  • enjoy

    just enjoy the show, Ok?! If you have to pin pick every plot of the drama, why watch it?

  • guest

    Epi 6 part 3 at 1:09… Did she “borrow” the corset/bras from the store? That’s the same place she “borrowed” the earrings, right? That’s so gross!

    • Also a Guest

      Why is it so gross? She borrowed those things from her cousin who owns a (clothing) store. Her cousin previously said she rented those earrings anyway.
      PS: This isn’t the first plot hole on the show, is it? Just relax & enjoy this romantic idol show, shall we? 🙂

  • Fan

    Love this drama!!!

  • aa

    Royal Worcester fine bone china…slightly more expensive than my Alex Liddy…without taking into consideration of forex coversion…

  • ladila

    why is there random background noise???

    • tvfan

      It has been there since last episode…

  • Ben

    Now the real drama starts

  • 跌跌

    只是拉个围巾,能让人旋转?台湾导演是怎样? 跌倒就一定会亲亲,旋转就一定会跌入别人怀里??太扯了吧?

    • guest

      Of course 跌倒就一定会亲亲!!! You’re watching Taiwanese Drama that’s why. Not very smart plot for not very smart… err I mean not very smart plot for very easy going audiences.

  • abc

    从香港快递鸡汤到台湾?? 笑死我了。。。