Moon River (明若曉溪) Episode 14

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  • Jia En

    is both the taiwan and the china versions playing the same ?

  • MaybeMiss

    They are poorly numbered ? chapters look at another page and are not arranged in the same way

    • maimymlt

      There are two versions – one is china, one is taiwan.

      • MaybeMiss

        thank you. 🙂

  • SE

    I waited so long for this episode

  • LL

    How come none of the clips from the previews showed? What happened to MLB showing MXX his childhood past and asking her to start fresh with him?

    • Adina Lim

      i think this is where its different from the taiwanese version.

  • Baits

    haha lucy

    • kirara

      LOL! she was trying to take of picture of Ah Bing when he was on the floor face flat when he got beaten up badly by Da shi xiong! 😀

  • shan

    Ahh very sweet at the end. Actually, the most touching moment is when older brother cried to his coach/trainer that he has nothing to compete to others but his kung fu.