Miss Rose Episode 23 The End

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Luo Si Yi is highly competent in her job but very timid when it comes to love. One day, she finds herself working under new manager Gao Cheng Kuan, who is known to be ruthless in both love and business. He sees all his employees as screws that needed to be tightened or throw away if rusted. Will she be able to please the ever-demanding boss or will him mellow down and be one with the people?

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  • hi

    OMG I think Vivian should marry him!!!

    • emily

      Me too

  • Edi

    Hen hau khan

  • livs

    Disappointing drama became so draggy. I watch this drama for Roy Chiu,… and will not watch Megan Lai’s drama. Her acting quite bad… so stiff, no emotions

  • Ang

    damn I want to see more of the spin off…first Office Girl, now Miss Rose and and a 3rd one pls =D I want to see more of Roy, development between xiao ke and sun jun (since it started in OG) and Anson (Na Wei Xun) he is always sooooo funnny!!! This drama started great, it was good chemistry and funny. I liked Roy and Megan together. But then the plot just got convoluted and weird and seriously we didn’t need another villain (Yi Chun) in addition to Villian. Too many characters= dilution of plot.

    • Ang

      I mean in addition to Vivian*

  • Max

    So, YiChun turned out to be the real villain and Vivian was the saviour – oh, come on!!!!

    The saving grace of this show is Roy Qiu but he will be doing C-dramas for a better part of 2013. I don’t fancy him in C-dramas (actually i don’t fancy C-dramas at all) much prefer him in TW-dramas. But then again, looking at the way the TW-dramas are headed, guess, I will be taking a long hiatus from drama watching.

  • ㄎㄅ

    包醫生!? BJ4

  • Ea7lestari


  • Commentator

    i think chen kuang is useless….dont dare to stand for himself!! stupid & useless guy!!!

  • royfan

    I think it’s so stupid that the writer spent so much time emphasizing how the main characters broke up because of Xin Yi ‘sacrifice’ since she love Cheng Kuan and didn’t want him to be burdened between the family, his career and her. However, by having Cheng Kuan marry Vivian, the writer devalues the santity of marriage. If the writer still wants Xin Yi to do the ‘sacrificing’, than I would prefer that Chen Kuan maintains his stand and not succumb to his mom, CEO and Vivian’s blindness. He is afterall a successful individual and all throughout the show, he keep saying he wants to be free to marry who he loves and not be a puppet. It would be better if he just quit the company, leave for a year or so and meet Xin Yi somewhere on a holiday and then get married. At least he remains true to what he believes.

    • Max

      I have not watched the final episode yet but I agree with you. The writers should have made ChengKuan stay firm and not marry Vivian even though SiYi broke off with him. Sigh…..the second half of this drama got totally derailed and simply went down the drain.

  • Hlp


  • Slchooi

    I agreed the storyline gone smooth n interesting on previous part before comes to ending however in finale all sudden be express to present the relationship btwn 2 main lead to audiences. Even it happy ending but just not what i expected coz everything too rush and shortcut. By the way big applause to all of them who brought so much emotions and feelings through their acting in this drama. Thanks and good job.

  • Baobeisuliniscool

    Whole drama started with a very good story line. It will be one of the best drama this year if it ended before ep 20. It’s too draggy when it come to the back part. And I guess too many ppl complaint and therefore the quickly end the show with many things not explain.

    1) the accident? Half way through investigation!
    2) cheng kuan’ career?
    3) xiao ke and sheng June’s relationship?

    With all these impt things unexplain, they scriptwriter still spent time talk so much with the fortune teller. -.-” the only good thing aboat this ending is thank God it is a happy ending btw xi yi and cheng kuan. Other than that. It sux bad time.

    • Xin

      Yeah!!! I totally agree with what you said!!!! Too draggy and something’s are still left unexplained!!!! Only good thing to be glad was that it was a happy ending!

  • Amy

    Love the ending! Love Cheng Kuan so handsome!! ^_^

  • True81820

    The priest is so familiar … This drama could b a great one but sad they loose most of the viewers !! At last a happy ending ! So funny at the end too … Anyway looking fwd to roy new productions!!! 加油!

    • True81820

      Again the priest is the director?

  • roses

    I find Cheng Kuan’s mum incredibly selfish to his feelings. All his mum cares about is the boost in his career and repaying Vivian’s dad through his marriage with Vivian. Worse thing, she expects Cheng Kuan to forget Xin Yi. Dun she cares about who his son truly loves and what he really wants? I do hate his mum. I hate the storyline as it goes on even more. A good story turn haywire at the back and towards to the end. what a shame.

    • roses

      I mus add Xin Yi is super irritating too. What’s with her lame sacrifices for Cheng Kuan’s good? Giving up the man u love jus like tat.

  • Observer

    brainless scripwriter and superb copycat. what is the point of dragging on to the storyline and lose all your viewers??

  • ck1Oz

    Did I miss something?
    Where’s THE KISS?

    • Linalad057

      The director should avoid redundant wedding scene compressed in finale episode coz the viewers find
      it unenteresting aynymore too boring and lousy….between OG and MR wedding episode i still. go for OG

  • Rene

    i love them! roy♥

  • Hakwhsbak


  • Kirara

    AHAHAHAHAH.. THAT IS SOO HILARIOUS… SHE REALLY DID COME OUT TO DO SOME POLE DANCING FOR THEM.. She’s too funny and pricelesss. but I got to say this episode went by SUPER quick…. but still great! 

  • mgmqdontjokeeeeeee~

    Get marry still got rules one -.- 第一条:老婆永远是对的。

    。。。。。 and many many more … etc , so sweet right the father ! ^^

  • Eme

    Te amo 邱澤 con todo mi corazón desde Venezuela! Feliz año Nuevo y un hermoso 2013 para ti!

  • Guest

    hehehe, i still think roy looks better in office girls 😛

  • jy

    oh my roy~~~ ♥♥

  • i swear they could’ve made the cheng kuan, si yi and yi chun love triangle much better… why did they have to make yi chun become the bad guy…

    • Kirara

      what’s the saying.. old habits don’t die so easily??? guess if you’ve done it once, you may do it again? 🙂 

  • I swear roy’s the best actor out there in taiwan his eyes are so expressive! when vivian told the truth ad told him to chase after si yi you could see it in his eyes that he still cares and worries for vivian and understands it took a lot of courage for her to do this and it pains her to make such a confession.. his eyes just says it all.. he doesn’t wanna leave because vivian is hurt but on the other hand he wants to be with the love of his life

  • Guest

    i thought she is only going overseas for a week.. why they bid goodbye like forever? hahahha

    • i know right but to make it extra dramatic lol!

  • LillianLsh

    Really appreciate for the fast upload!! :DD