Miss Rose Episode 18

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Luo Si Yi is highly competent in her job but very timid when it comes to love. One day, she finds herself working under new manager Gao Cheng Kuan, who is known to be ruthless in both love and business. He sees all his employees as screws that needed to be tightened or throw away if rusted. Will she be able to please the ever-demanding boss or will him mellow down and be one with the people?

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  • hai

    well in the midst of all this drama….

    …shengjun is so freaking hot … ^_^

  • 他真的很会演!

  • Roid Kay

    3:16 kudos to the crew for lighting

  • Eglantine

    anyone knows the ending theme song name and who’s the singer please 

    • denshaBoy

      hao nan de by Della Ding

      • Eglantine

        Thank you so much 

  • guest

    I wanna smack that fox!

  • moko


    • al


  • cundy22

    一開始就該想到調監視錄影器吧=  =

  • 拖到現在才調影帶太扯

  • paradox

    The drama still seems interesting to me. I don’t know ’bout y’all but i like it and can’t wait for episode 19!! People should set their expectation too high on short dramas like this. 
    J U S T   E N J O Y   T H E   G O D D A M N   S H O W ! ! !

    • paradox

      People shouldn’t set their expectation too high** Oops!

  • Ricefamilyfan

    Sometimes I wish the writers could star in their own story, just so they can feel the pain the illogical and laughable plots in their heads inflicted on both the cast and the audience.  

    To watch these melodrama, we expect a certain level of cheesiness and suspense of disbelief.  The good guy/girl is too good for their own good to the extent of a saint, the bad guy/girl is too dumb for to cover their track when committing a crime.  It’s the end of the world if a couple cannot work in the same company because it’s obviously the only corporation on the whole island of Taiwan, and it’s a crime to drop a broken nail near a co-worker’s cube since fake nails never come loose unless you’re typing someone else’s password.  

    Watch it, or not, it’s your definition of entertainment, at least it makes us feel superior intellectually…

  • What a waste


    • Guest


    • guest


  • What a waste


  • anon

    its getting boring and draggy. I’m just gonna give up on this drama nowwwwwww ): There’s just too much drama mama happening. Why can’t the female protagonist just quit her job and go somewhere else with the male protagonist… Then everything will be fine cause all they want is each other’s love. Gosh. 

    • feipo

      yes, agreed.. become so draggy. is it 33 epidose??
      why must have so many episodes??

      • anon..

        It’s only 20 episodes.

    • Yuppppuy

      agreed. in this ep, i just skipped to the part where they proved it wasn’t her. 

    • al

      how is this dragging, they’re getting married soon and this show only has 20 episodes 

  • livss

    Either Roy’s acting too good makes Megan Lai’s acting seem below average, or Megan totally not suited for this role. She better as evil woman in drama, not as kind-hearted considerate office girl >.<

  • fourjyip

    actually it is quite boring to watch this drama now…..

  • Guest

    舞跳得好差阿~ ==”

  • TWG

    i keep wondering what on earth Shen Jun actually does in the office~ we never see him do any work~ he just lounges on the couch in Cheng Kuan’s office and follows him around… 

  • Liza Tamiking

    i like the way cheng kuan and siyi act , they’re sweet. i hope the ending is the same.more drama to both of them

  • ice

    Luo Siyi面对爱情,畏畏缩缩,一点都不勇敢。。

  • Guest

    Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Big Lips with Too Much Botox Shaka Sisters together, one dancing a comedic funky Flamingo dance while the other watches.

  • Guest

    HD <3!!!!!!!!

    • Chinghuei

      it just accentuates his godly features <3 ROYCHIU!

  • daybreak


    • moko

      給三立的高層: 毀了   埋了Van Ness 這檔戲眼看也是要背了  請問這三齣戲的共同點是甚麼???????

      • guest

        是甚麼 0.0?

  • ice

    Why wouldn’t Chengkuan just let Siyi Luo go?? He can fix the problem and then Siyi can come back…

    • guest

      Siyi is not just leaving the company but leaving Chengkuan… She believes she will have a negative effect on his future.

    • Linalad057

      Exactly! Ck untimely marriage proposal to Sy they should bind themsellves and make a concerted effort against all odds

  • Na2s2o3


  • Eme

    Oh my God, Roy!!!!

  • audience

    Who says that lovers must work with the same company ?!? I would have left the company long time ago if I were her. Don’t see the benefits of continue working there both for business and personal reasons. No point to stick with a company that does not appreciate the hardwork and also, the relationship with Gao might be easier if working in 2 different companies. what is the mentality of the screen writers???

  • Abc

    getting sick of luo si yi’s face

  • 慧琴

    wow, 小可is a bigger person, even willing to help evil宋廷嬡after all that BS. & omg 邱澤really out did himself playing 高丞寬in this episode! <3

  • kris

    From part 3-6 is unavailable !! Please fix it soon

    • Jonshantheo

      Hi you may try to refresh the page several times, works well for me…

  • linlin

    can’t watch part 3!!!

  • Kitlinglau2009

    Oh no what happen from 3-6 of ep18? Oh NO

  • lee_annah

    why can’t watch i am so excited 

  • Kirara

    gosh.. i want to cry…. I feel so sad… 🙁 

    • Kirara

      so touching!! but I swear.. Vivian, I love your determination and dedication but its getting tiring and boring to watch you… we need to move on… quick! :p 

  • Ssinyii

    Part 3 not available.


    Dear god how is Roy so handsome and perfect

    • 慧琴

      hell yeahhh!zomg. his acting skills are amazing! 

  • MRFan

    Can’t watch on Ipad. Appreciate if someone could fix it fast. Thks.