Miss Rose Episode 17

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Luo Si Yi is highly competent in her job but very timid when it comes to love. One day, she finds herself working under new manager Gao Cheng Kuan, who is known to be ruthless in both love and business. He sees all his employees as screws that needed to be tightened or throw away if rusted. Will she be able to please the ever-demanding boss or will him mellow down and be one with the people?

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  • 123

    awww-ah, si yi’s friend is so sweet:) her puppy dog eyes are so adorable lol XD

  • 33

    邱澤眼睛會笑耶 ^^

  • YY


  • LeeHyoan

    I like friend couple of main couple 😛 they are fresh sweet and real ^_^

  • lllllllll

    oops, its fine now (:

  • lllllllll

    17 part 2 cannot watch, only 3 secs 

  • ~萌w~

    啾咪~~ –^__^–

  • Yao_fenwilcox


  • Gigi

    I used to love this show, now I think it starts getting a little boring… it is such a shame, especially since the first episodes were really great!! I just hope that it will not be as predictable as it seems, i mean we’ve all seen the whole car-crashing/memory-loss/mean-girl-taking-advantage-of-that – plot way too many times.

  • livss

    Sheng Jun’s touting about no one remembers his b’day was too adorable. So sweet the moment between him and Xiao Ke.

    I’ve always been neutral towards Megan Lai; but why does she lacks expressions? Her cheeks really stiff. I can’t feel her happiness, sadness, anger or resentment in this drama. Her eyes and facial cannot bring out the emotions during those critical moments –> i.e.When Roy asked to be his gf, she joyful? When she was wrongly accused, got angry, hurt or disappointing? Cannot tell… esp, that scene in the toilet. I don’t feel anything, when I should feel injustice for her

  • Ricefamilyfan

    Well, saw some additional preview clips for episode #18.  Thankfully the car accident is averted, and it’s sure to be tear jerker, just from seeing Roy’s expression.

    Don’t know if it’s the character who seems to be the perfect boyfriend, loyal, understanding, a little bossy but protective, competent, etc, or the actor’s handsome face and his electric gaze…. falling deeper and deeper for Roy, who seems to get better and better looking by the episode???

    • HAHA I think it’s the actors charisma and his electrifying gaze that brings the character to life 

  • 慧琴

    羅思儀:希望他(勝君) 能真帶給小可幸福,幸福一輩子

    so sweet <3

  • cutiepie2399

    how many eps are there?

  • Marilyn-g Mq92

    why cannot enlarge the screen ?

  • chilly

    i want to know who will get crash by the car in the next ep i cant wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Chillicrab

    Wa kao this episode’s resolution is fabulous! Absolutely worth the longer upload wait.

  • Leowei18

    moral from ep. 17…. friendship, trust & the power of love…. friendship & trust that miao jing shows to luo si yi jie…. and the power of love between luo si yi & gao chen kuan…..  the ending of ep. 17 is not so attracting but this ep. 17 is quite hilarious…. really can’t wait for ep. 18….  where gao chen kuan manages to find proof to prove luo si yi is innocent.

  • cundy22

    the woman sell the fake is bitch ,ugly !!!!!!! like 頌廷愛 TMD!!

  • audience

    Siyi should look for a new job somewhere else. It will be easier for her to have a relationship with 丞寬 and won’t be intimidated by anyone.

  • Ricefamilyfan

    Love the tender moments between 丞寬 and Rose in this episode, but not looking forward to more idiotic plot twists the preview is hinting at, car wreck that further Rose’s belief she’s no good to 丞寬 and drives her into the arms of 湯以尊.  Aah!!!  Just hate it when the actors have done an excellent job to make us care about their characters, only to have the writers turn these beloved characters into a pathetic imitation of their former selves. 

    Supposedly the drama following MIss Rose has been delayed because its leading actress quit, so Miss Rose is being extended to allow recasting.  I would love to continue to watch Megan & Roy in more episodes than planned, no doubt, but can the writers respect the characters enough to tell their story, not just jerking the audience around?

    • Chillicrab

      If this is true, i think they should finish off the series as planned and have a 5 episode mini series after that. It can be an extention of the story, alternate ending or a totally different story with the same characters. Don’t drag the current story with uncessary scenes that slows down the current pace.

    • Findthebee

      yay! so i’m not the only one who feels that taiwan shows tend to be dragged out towards the end! it’s such a pity because most of them start off very very very well! 

  • Ricefamilyfan

    C’mon! They’ve only been going out for a couple of days and it’s already onto break-up?  Must say the plot with email is so full of holes that it’s amazing the actors could keep their face straight.  And 湯以尊?  Now they’re turning him into a negative figure too?  He asked the CEO to spare Rose’s job and made Vivian promise that Rose would not be harmed, but now he’s part of the scheme as well?  And in the preview Vivian gloated about kicking Rose out of the company, so there’s no reason for Rose to keep pestering 丞寬??  Uh, is there a law stating that BF/GF must work in the same office to continue their relationship?  

  • Jo

    OMG! That little girl at the end is so damn cuteeeee!! <3 <3 Envy her..she kissed Roy… ): haha xD

  • LOL

    Lucky that miao JIng nvr change~still treat si yi as a gd friend!!

  • LOL

    At first I really pity Vivian… But nowww..!! She is so freaking evil!! hate her!to the max!!Jia You siyi!

  • feipo

    is meow jing a true friend of si yi??
    hope she is different from the other collegue..

  • fourjyip

    cheng kuan is little bit taller than si yi……

  • gosh they are the same height O.O

  • monica

    Who can tell me how to find the boxing game while MiaJi playing at notebook?  Thanks.

  • jjjjj

    the awkward moment when shi yi and cheng kuan are the same height lol

  • 123

    Part 3–> 1:55~2:05
    Awww cute (that shiny eyes )

  • True81820


  • Kirara

    Love it.. Please dont call me Fu Zhong….. call me “Kuan Kuan” ! 🙂 

  • niiini

    宋婷璦你可以去吃屎了 ! 你才是做賊喊抓賊吧 = = 賤女人

    • Guest

      Yvonne Yao the actress who plays her must have gotten her brain damaged by all these horrible plastic surgery she had done on herself. She used to look so pretty and played a nice lady, but now she only plays evil, mean and nasty woman with a BAD and botched-up fake face and smile… and very poor acting abilities.

    • Guest


  • Skmkd

    The little fan is so cute!

  • 999


  • Gary585376

    720p?!! ROY QIU IN HD 😀

  • Htlyreb

    The preview when Roy showed that sad face! My goodness! Can actually feel how he feels.

  • 倪兒

    First?! Yay