Memory Love (噗通噗通我愛你) Episode 16

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  • Lynn6

    I thought that this drama was coming to an end as ST and JE are happily together but looks like there is going to be a diversion from hereon .. it is dragging because ST is very sick and not expected to survive?? Actually ST’s doctor friend already told JE that ST is very sick but I thought he can be operated on .. but going to live on???

    • dramaqueen

      I thought they are going to be together. Why is he having problem with his heart? It is painful for her to lose the second person whom she loved. They are compatible couple. Disappointed to see that main actor died.

  • dramaqueen

    Is he going to die? Why he does not want to get treatment in the hospital? The girl friend should tell him that she has already known the truth of his health condition, so he can get his treatment.