Memory Love (噗通噗通我愛你) Episode 02

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Tipster Rednimer

    why is every Taiwanese TV drama telling the tiramisu story nowadays?

    • dramaqueen

      Interesting Tiramisu story

    • 李長法

      because the true tiramisu story is a love story with a sad meaning. the italian women didnt know what they could make for their husbands, so they made tiramisu cakes for them to take with them to battle, so they made these. they were easy to carry due to their light weight, and wouldnt spoil. another reason was to give the men something to fight for when times got rough. to let them remember there are people waiting for them to come home. it was also to warm their hearts, while they were feeling sad.

  • Lynn6

    So ST recognised his dad … can imagine how upset he was … his dad left his mum and him when he was so young and remarried later when successful .. not forgivable!

    I like Andy’s portrayal of ST here .. have not seen him since the 4 Horsemen.