Lovestore at the Corner (巷弄裡的那家書店) Episode 11

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  • Jtlt

    Deals with loss and confusing emotions. Not your typical Taiwan drama, but a more thoughtful, well crafted piece.

    Well done. Can’t wait for the next ep. And it’s likely I will keep watching till the end.

    Another drama I’ve been particularly impressed with of late is you light up my star… I think it’s one of Winnie chu’s masterpieces. The depth of the work is astounding. Wow, Taiwan is really catching on in the quality of its prime time dramas. Solid writing, just hope everyone appreciates these meaningful dramas!

  • Jtlt

    I hope the sister is alive too… Is this the end of the show?

    Honestly, all was going well in the first few eps until the ep that Ke Jie thought that she was falling for her boss. I was so enthralled by the good writing of this drama (and the interweaving of all the appropriate quotes from literature). Acting is great too. They casted this show well. I’m really enjoying the character development of Ke Jie and Xiang Shu lei (yang mo chen).

    My main gripe with this show was how it fell quite flat in the last episode, episode 10. For some reason I think the teacher character is superfluous, and the ah bi storyline is not very interesting. I also would like to say that Xiang Shu lei and Ke Jie have ZERO romantic chemistry but I think the writers and directors know this; I’m hoping so much that she will end up with Li ze xuan (Alien) who is so much more suitable for her. Ok sorry maybe I’m biased but he really does deserve the girl in this show. He’s the second male lead, but perhaps something different will be done this time?

    I think the whole narrative reads like a book, too. Exploring how each character des

  • guest2

    I guess it’s only dream or imagination?
    her sister should be dead by now…..

  • guest

    OMG … I can’t wait for the next episode. I hope she is really back.

  • Shan

    Wow next episode… Is the missing sister really coming back? Hope it’s not just someone’s dream! >_<

  • ewjiofew

    her sister is not dead HURRAY

  • fwejfiowe

    ew harem i wouldn’t fall in love with ur sister’s boyfriend If i were u

    • yourmotherla

      LOL. shut the fuck up k . It’s just a show why must you make nasty comments about her? Blame the scriptwriter and dicrector la? ccb!

      • vhfujg

        i dun see nasty lol