Love Touch (我愛幸運七) Episode 08

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Tipster Rednimer
  • anonymous

    Female sidekick has way way way too much eye makeup on. Very un-natural and un-flattering like caterpillars. So much it hinder her from blinking naturally.


    SO FUNNY when Yong Qi was like “don’t worry, mei yue ai yhi isn’t me, she’s not interested in seeing you naked” and they both went “WHAT DID YOU/I JUST SAY” at the same time HAHAHA
    I loved the scenes when Shao Ran gets jealous and how he pretended his hand was injured just so Yong Qi would hold his hand!!
    Also when she was climbing the high ropes and he caught her when she fell CUTEST SCENE EVER!!!!!
    ALSO when he took her to the noodle place and she was so touched she rushed to hug him!!
    Let’s not forget Luo Shen and Wan Ying, Luo Shen is actually such a sweet guy despite being the player/flirt that he is.

    I’m so curious as to who Shao Ran/Luo Shen keep referring to, the ‘guy’ that will come and hunt Shao Ran down and how he’s released from prison WHAT my guess is that some event happened involving Shao Ran that caused the guy/girl to be imprisoned but it wasn’t Shao Ran’s fault at all

  • fejoew

    seriously I don’t think it is necessary to film the shower part

    • Lindsey Lee

      Omg! The shower part is what makes it funny -_-“

  • Cindy

    Why do taiwanese dramas get so boring as the show progresses. Ready to give up. DOes anyone know the name of the ending song? Thanks

    • Amanda

      交換人生 is the name of the ending song

    • anonymous

      Oh yeah cheap production to keep cost down?