Love Touch (我愛幸運七) Episode 04

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  • Aya

    english sub. plss… i can’t understand.huhuhuhu….

  • Jannoo

    The main is as bad as some critics…I find she is just good.
    Fit the character of Yung Chi

    • Janno

      I made typo 🙁 I mean she is not as bad as some critics. Like her

  • dramaMama

    -.- lame! ep 5 want to kiss liao

  • hey

    When does it air?? every Monday?

  • observer

    will someone stick a ‘push’ sign on the door at your own home?!?


    OMGGGG can’t wait for the next episode!!!

    • pearl

      hey roylove! long time no chat! how is everything going? is this the next drama you are following , after the dandelion love? haha

      • ROYLOVE

        hey pearl!! what dramas have you been watching? I’ve only following this one after Dandelion Love and King Flower! I gave the other two ‘love’ dramas a try but I don’t find them as interesting as this one! 🙂