Love Touch (我愛幸運七) Episode 03

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  • Sakura

    what a nice taiwanese drama. ilike it! , but there’s no eng,sub. how sad. i wish it have eng.sub. so that we understand.plsss…

  • Dude

    Fahrenheit 插曲 hoho

  • yiyi

    i think that the beginning of the episode is like “When Love Walked In,” in which Calvin chen also starred in. the male and female leads were both communicating with each other, but they didn’t know who each other was. then, the male lead finds out, but the female lead still doesn’t know who she has been talking with….. the female lead in this drama also reminds me of the female lead in “when love walked in”


      LOL yeah! and how Calvin plays the cold type of character on the outside but is actually really nice on the inside!!

  • Jess

    I like this show!!,

  • fkyou

    love this drama

  • Vicky

    i kinda hate how everyone misjudges calvin even tho hes trying his best to get everyone to like him 🙁

  • Apple


  • hehehe

    they are so cute together!!!!

  • Lynn6

    Very interesting plot and different … this is about a change of fate between Gregory and Yong Qi after their heads knocked each other when Gregory saved Yong Qi when she was falling down the stairs. This drama is moving at good pace, this is the episode that gets me convinced to keep watching!!


    omg I LOVED this episode!! every scene was enjoyable and there was never a dull moment!! so funny how shao ran kept thinking “Who is this guy that’s so important why is she comparing him to me” and the guy IS him!! and so cute how he re-read yong qi’s letters when he found out his pen pal was her!!

  • lalala

    love love love!!

  • Mochi

    Can’t wait until ep 4 !!!!